Major loss of charge while parked

Major loss of charge while parked

I have noticed that I am losing 25+ miles of charge per day as my car sits parked in my 65 - 80 degree garage. I don’t hear anything running but it is not holding a charge well at all. Any ideas? The car is 4 months away from a lease ending 3 year run. It only has 20,000 miles on it. P100d

Thanks for any suggestions.

TesMD | 28 septembre 2019

Sentry mode on? That uses quite a bit of charge. Also, do you have smart pre-condition on? That could be another reason

rallaer11 | 29 septembre 2019

Thanks for the advice. I know I have sentry mode on for sure. I will check pre-conditioning but I don’t think I have that on.

r.a.lee | 29 septembre 2019

I had trouble with this. Contacted service. They said my app was turning on my air conditioning. I researched all my apps, and one of my Tesla apps that connected with Alexa that was sending the information.

rallaer11 | 29 septembre 2019

Preconditioning is off. I turned off sentry. I will see how much I lose the next 24 hours. Thanks again for the suggestion.

kerryglittle | 29 septembre 2019

If Sentry uses that much energy leave it off and buy dash cams. My BlackVue uses next to nothing. Thats just crazy. I don't think pre conditioning would use much either with the temperature range you stated. Mine is on all the time and uses very little energy. I lose 1% a day sitting in the garage. I'm wondering if your battery pack has a bunch of damage cells dying on you.

barrykmd | 29 septembre 2019

Sentry uses about 300W. A dashcam uses about 5W!

NKYTA | 29 septembre 2019

@barrykmd, I’m not giving up any Watts!

Oh wait, I don’t have Sentry Mode.


kerryglittle | 30 septembre 2019

What? Watt?

rallaer11 | 30 septembre 2019

Update. Lost 7 miles of charge since 4pm yesterday with sentry mode off. 16 hours.

dougk71 | 30 septembre 2019

I have about 10 miles loss overnight Dec 2018 100D. Maybe most cars don't experience this.This coincided with the introduction of sentry mode. I don't see if the mirrors can be folded in in my home garage they why can't sentry mode be turned off by location too. The 300w is like leaving several garage incandescent lights on overnight.
Sentry mode has so many false positives it's tiresome. I just keep hoping Tesla will in some future update fix it.
I never leave the car at an airport since the anxiety of returning to a flat battery is just too much all just to record 99.9% of the time people just passing close to the car.
I haven't found an option to completely disable Sentry Mode short of unplugging the usb card and even then I suspect the imperfect software is still active.
I also suspect dash cam is active since I also get rare false collision reports when the car is stationary in the home garage. I know Sentry mode is a free feature so I shouldn't have high expectations that it is of great value.
I wish the conserve battery mode that supposedly cuts in at the 20% left level was modified so I could select the level via the display to something higher than 20%. Some airports are further from a SC than the 20% reserve allows and that's assuming the 20% isn't also further reduced after it triggers.

EVRider | 30 septembre 2019

Sentry Mode uses a lot of energy because the AP computer is processing the video from the cameras to detect threats. The cameras themselves don’t use much energy. You can use third-party dashcams, but I don’t know if any of them will sound alarms or alert your phone if there’s a potential problem.

rsrivast | 30 septembre 2019

Also make sure Smart Summon 'Standby' is off, if you don't intend to use it.

tigerkc | 30 septembre 2019

My 2017 Oct built S75 loss <1.5 rated miles per 24 hours when everything is turned off in summer indoor parking and outside temp was 60-85F range.

rallaer11 | 30 septembre 2019

Yeah this isn’t normal. This is the second Tesla I have owned and up until now, battery loss has been minimal. Maybe 15 miles after I go on a 12 day trip and leave the car at the airport. Something is wrong.

sschaem | 30 septembre 2019

Havent kept track closely, but it seem to be 1-2 miles a day. Thats perfectly acceptable .

But with sentry mode on, the battery drain was insane making it worthless beside the quick grocery store run.
Tesla also knows this, this is why they dont even allow it if the battery go below 20%.

Sentry was sadly an after thought. And so the entire platform is not design for this.

I'm not sure we will see this with the Y, but future Tesla might have a redesigned system allowing for more functionality and much lower power usage.

darrylb1961 | 30 septembre 2019

Yes my model s has 3700 miles on it and I noticed the past few days even more after I loaded V10. I charged up to 294 miles yesterday and only drove about 38 miles and car is showing that I have 230 miles remaining. I have used 64 miles but only drove 38 miles. We have been getting Recond heat - 95 plus. Is this normal? I just put smart summon in standby mode and turned off preconditioning. My sentry mode is turned off. Is there anything else I could do! Thanks.

Nexxus | 23 octobre 2019


Don't forget to turn your phone app off and don't check on it overnight or during the day. The phone app connection will keep the car awake and use more energy.

dougk71 | 23 octobre 2019

Most software that wants to conserve power is often interrupt driven. A sensor triggers and the CPU is awakened from a power saving mode and given full power to process the triggering event and its aftermath. Empirically many are reporting that the Tesla will keep full power on waiting for an event that may never happen. I hope Tesla doesn't see this as Intelligent design but Evolution and that in time will evolve more efficient software. I never park long term unless plugged in to a charger since I have little control of the awakening schedule of my Tesla. This inconvenience came with the introduction of Sentry mode and Dash cam ( Dashcam might be interrupt driven but who knows when we have to get our information by trial and error)

Tarheel05 | 30 octobre 2019

Check that summon standby mode isn't turned on (I believe it's turned on by default after the v10 update) - summon standby mode makes it so your car never goes to sleep.