Free 2 year supercharging deviation

Free 2 year supercharging deviation

Recently bought a model 3 and dealership assured me that given I took inventory they would include the 'free' 2 year supercharging incentive ( called deviation on their side );

They indicated it would take effect 10/1; Well I charged yesterday and my credit card got billed. Upon calls to the dealership they said there is a backlog of case reviews on the Tesla side.

Anyone have insight on how this process works ? He is hoping by 10/15 that it takes effect, but my BS meter is pegged.

andy | 3 octobre 2019

I took delivery of my M3 on 9/20 and was guaranteed 2 years of free charging as well. It finally showed up on my account 10/2. When I reached out to Tesla, they indicated they were starting to credit these after 10/1. My guess is it should show up any day now.

jdnixon7 | 3 octobre 2019

I took delivery on 9/30 and today my free supercharging hit my account.

fred.risovich | 3 octobre 2019

I took delivery of my M3 09/28/2019, still do not have free charging

irinakuzmin | 3 octobre 2019

I took a delivery of my M3 on 09/27/2019 and was told that fee Supercharging does not start until 10/15/2019. so in a mean time I used my friend referral code to cover me for first 2,000 miles .

stingray.don | 3 octobre 2019

Took delivery on 9/20 and received the free SC yesterday

aweidenhammer | 3 octobre 2019

noob here. How do you tell if you've gotten your free supercharging?

spuzzz123 | 3 octobre 2019

On this site go to account>manage>view details. It’ll show you your options and supercharging status. Mine says pay per use supercharging.

espencer14 | 3 octobre 2019

Took delivery 9/23 and free SC posted today. I too was charged for SC use in the interim and have reached out to Tesla for refund with no response.

jimdoran64 | 3 octobre 2019

How did you get notified or determine free SC was posted ?

bcaslis | 3 octobre 2019

I took delivery 9/27 and mine just showed up. No notification but it’s there now when I checked.

stingray.don | 3 octobre 2019

I just kept checking my account and noticed it showing up today. Perfect timing as I am going out of state on Saturday. Free road trip!

jimdoran64 | 3 octobre 2019

Sounds like SC status changes to something other than 'Pay Per use Supercharging', could someone confirm please.

Based on responses, we've also confirmed any 10/15 'effective' statements are BS

Curious if Tesla refunds early charges.

synthlight | 3 octobre 2019

Took delivery on 10/21, still on pay per use and have racked up almost $60 in charges. Reached out on 10/23 and was told "the free supercharging will reflect at the beginning of next quarter which is the start of October. I added the request right after we ordered the vehicle." We are now on the 3rd and I am still being charged a per use fee. Their lack of concern and customer service so far has me concerned. I really want to like Tesla as a company and not just as a car.

loganas | 4 octobre 2019

Took delivery 09/21, still showing as pay-per-use. Frustrating. Reached out to the various contacts I had used during the purchasing process for clarification and no replies. Not terribly impressed.

jimdoran64 | 4 octobre 2019

Could someone who has free supercharging please confirm what the status in the Tesla account says whe it is no pay-per-use ?

stingray.don | 4 octobre 2019

@jimdoran64 It says: Supercharging status - Free supercharging is currently enabled

rsingh05 | 4 octobre 2019

I'd be patient. Tesla will make good on their promise.

I have free lifetime supercharging on my 3P which I bought last year. It took a couple of months to show up - calls to the service center may or may not help. Contacting Service through the website helped in my case but that was over a year ago - the process may have changed.

Once I got free supercharging, I asked them to refund past charges and they promptly did.

One more note, the Tesla Account is not accurate. Mine changed to Pay Per Use ~6 months ago (as it did for many people) but I have free charging in their backend systems and they never bill me.

synthlight | 4 octobre 2019

Just an update to my post from yesterday. I contacted online chat this morning. This first person was helpful regarding who I should reach out to and showed some empathy but ultimately was unable to help, so he sent me to a Sales chat. Within that chat I was told that my Model 3P, which was purchased on 9/21 would have the supercharging active by the 7th of October (setting expectations is good!). He suggested that I visit the Tesla store where I bought the car to have any charges reversed. The sales agent then immediately ended the chat before I could respond.

I promptly drove to the Tesla store, explained the situation and was told "I don't know why they would send you here to have Supercharger charges reversed". I very politely asked if I could speak with the Manager and after a few minutes, the adviser came back downstairs and told me that there is nothing they could do to help me. I was told the manager wouldn't need to talk to me because there is nothing she can do to assist and that I will just have to wait for them to reach out. It's unfortunate that in an empty showroom without any clients, the manager couldn't even be bothered to show concern. I really hope it reflects on the 7th but I have this horrible feeling that I have been misled twice already with no contact from Tesla letting me know there is going to be a delay and that the date will slip again.

I really want to like you Tesla. Please learn to be proactive and upfront with your communication. If I was told when I purchased the car that it may take up to a month to activate supercharging, I would have been ok with that. It's all about setting those expectations with communication. The expectation was that I was buying the car with free supercharging as part of the purchase that day.

I don't know if this bit of information is useful but the adviser did mention there is only one guy in California setting up all of the Supercharger deviations on that all Tesla stores are pretty much waiting for him to work through all the accounts.

I am going to back off for a little bit here and give them a chance to make it right and will likely reach back out EOB on the 7th or early on the 8th. If you guys are interested, I will also keep you guys up to date on any developments.

beaver | 4 octobre 2019

I am in no rush to activate my 2 years FUSC. Why you may ask? Well, I received 2,000 free superheat miles with my referral. And the 2 years FUSC starts the day they activate it, I confirmed this with a Tesla employee. So I am happily using my free 2k. When I get close to the end I will bug Tesla.

right2niru | 4 octobre 2019

Is the 2 Year free SC only applicable to certain states or anybody who took the delivery in USA on or before 9/30 2019 ?

beaver | 4 octobre 2019

Anyone should be eligible worldwide

jimdoran64 | 5 octobre 2019

@beaver Very Interesting. I specifically asked prior to delivery if I could combine the FUSC and referral and was told I could not. I had the same idea to run them sequentially.

I too heard ambiguous info on the Tesla account status changing. One sales guy said it will still say 'pay per use' but your CC won't get charged.

Good info from others, but the damn, I am disappointed in the lack of customer service from dealerships ( mine included ). Typical auto sales behavior which I expected more.

Mijak | 5 octobre 2019

My unlimited 2 years has not shown up yet (took deliver on 9/30), but I have been credited 800 kWh. It showed up in my account after I did my first stop at a supercharger. I did provide a friend’s referral code for 2000 miles of supercharging at purchase, so maybe that is from the referral. My friend says he hasn’t seen his 2000 mile credit show up yet from the referral.

Mijak | 5 octobre 2019

I reached out to the delivery team at my local dealership today, and I was told it generally takes two weeks to reflect on the vehicle.

Switchmon | 6 octobre 2019

I had not heard of this. I took delivery of my M3 on 8/1, was there a certain date that was the start/cut off or does this apply to all M3s purchased?

priit | 6 octobre 2019

Anyone should be eligible worldwide"
Are you sure? I picked up mine 27/9 in Australia, and they mentioned nothing about free supercharging. My referral 1500km showed up in my loot box, my account says pay per charge and I have not heard of anyone in Australia being offered more.

beaver | 6 octobre 2019

Ok so it likely was available worldwide but you had to ask your sales person. They were authorized to offer the 2 years FUSC. But if this wasn’t noted in the purchase notes at delivery then maybe you can’t get it. It doesn’t hurt to ask

jeff.linger | 6 octobre 2019

I got m3 in sept on the 24th and was told my free 2years of Superchargers would be active is a couple of days and am still waiting in B.C. Canada what’s the best way to contact them about this?

synthlight | 6 octobre 2019

Jeff.Linger, your best bet is to just sit and wait another week or so. As noted above in my response, calling, online chat, email and showing up at the showroom in person failed to expedite the addition of the Supercharging to my account and I took delivery on 9/21.

Jimdoran64 mentioned he heard that the Supercharging will show up as pay per use but won't charge on your card. I can confirm that it WILL show up on your card as a charge. I was told that once everything is switched over, I can work with Tesla to have the $60+ in charges reversed. I have confirmed this through online chat support and multiple Sales advisors in person.

Ghost ll | 8 octobre 2019

I took delivery on Sept. 19th and the sales rep said I would receive 2 years free starting in October. Now is this suppose to show up in your Loot Box? I have yet to charge out side my home.

jimdoran64 | 8 octobre 2019

Update: "Free Supercharging is currently enabled" is what it now says on my Tesla Account. I went to a supercharger today and verified I did NOT get charged. Thank you Tesla;

ericyunker | 9 octobre 2019

I took delivery on Sept. 29th and I'm still waiting. Anyone else still waiting to see this show up on their account?

lightdazzled | 10 octobre 2019

Took deliver Sep 30. Still waiting for it. Talked to the sales person, who said everything was in order and it should show up on Oct 7, but it has not.

jimglas | 10 octobre 2019

I didn't get charged before it actually showed up on my account.

BillandCrissy | 10 octobre 2019

So do I go to the “Account” section on the app or on the website to see if Free Supercharging is enabled? I don’t see it in either one but would like to know exactly where I should see it.

Thank you

gorillasooner | 10 octobre 2019

When I took delivery of mine I was told they would "submit a case" but have yet to hear anything yet. Supposedly they started doing this 2 days before I was supposed to go pick up my car. I called and e-mailed the sales person, the delivery coordinator, and the place I was taking delivery from. In all honesty, for me at max I may take 1 trip/mo requiring supercharging which from my estimates would be still just under $1000 for 2yrs.

rehutton777 | 10 octobre 2019

How'd you guys all get free supercharging?? I bought my inventory car at the end of March, and was never offered or heard of the "free supercharging" deal. Is this a new program?? I'm not feelin' the "Tesla love"!

gorillasooner | 10 octobre 2019

It was a promo put in for about 2.5wks at the end of September to push sales of the Model 3 to boost 3rd qtr sales to help with Tesla's future outlook. It was poorly rolled out. Been inconsistent as to who actually got it. Even thought I bought a Model 3 during they time they were doing it, I'm relatively sure I'm not going to get it.

jimdoran64 | 10 octobre 2019

On the website, you click manage; then click view details;The upper right says your supercharging status;

@rehutton777 it was a quarter end sales promotion that dealerships had the option to utilize; I'll let you google the rest of the details;

synthlight | 10 octobre 2019

Just a quick update that I still have not received the free supercharging as promised. I was originally told that it came with the car when it was purchased on 9/21, after noticing it was not included because of numerous charges unexpectedly showing up on my credit card, I emailed my Sales advisor. I was then told that the free supercharging would start "Next quarter" at the "start of October". That was unfortunately untrue. I then (as described above) reached out to both online chat and stopped in that the Tesla store and was told that "only one guy in California" was processing the free supercharging and that I should see it reflected by the 7th of October. We are now on the 10th and I still don't see it. As mentioned before, I don't mind waiting but the false expectations being set show as unprofessional and disorganized.

Please Tesla, improve the customer care / customer service aspect. It will make a significant difference in how your customer base accelerates your growth through referrals. You will also need to tighten this aspect up as Rivian, Audi, VW, Jaguar, Ford and others start to strengthen their EV lineup. Help us love your company as much as we love your cars. I might be acting over dramatic because I was promised an extra feature when I purchased the car and it has yet to be delivered. but... as a customer experience focused COO, it pains me to see communication and concern lacking.

beaver | 10 octobre 2019

I took delivery on 9/25 and my FUSC showed up in my account and NAV (no per kWh price!) on 10/5. I triple checked during delivery that the FUSC was in my notes for purchase.

If you were promised it then call or text the delivery office or general customer service.

kooltang | 15 octobre 2019

I took delivery on 9/29 @ Buena Park. The delivery people called me on 10/5 to see if everything good. I asked when is the 2 yrs supercharge will be activate, they said going to be activate on 10/7. Today is the 15th already, still don't see the 2 yrs free supercharge activate yet.

synthlight | 15 octobre 2019

We are now sitting at 10/15 after taking delivery on 9/21. The promised 10/7 deadline slipped by as I reported in my last update (if you are following). After expressing my displeasure at the lack of communication and failure to deliver what they promised, my sales advisor admitted through email that they incorrectly submitted the request when I purchased the vehicle and that now the "regional manager and business Resolutions team" as well as the "Business Management Team" are involved. I appreciate that my Sales Advisor responded quickly through email but the last update was on 10/11 and I have not been given any indicator of when this will be resolved AND need to have blind faith that several teams are taking care of the situation. It's clear that my previous interactions never resulted in anyone actually looking at my account to see if the request was entered properly. I am still not reimbursed for the $60 in supercharger charges, have removed my credit card from my account (thoughts on this?) and now I am carrying an additional $24 unpaid supercharger balance. If anyone has any questions or suggestions, please let me know.

rustproofcorn | 16 octobre 2019

synthlight, What was the date you ordered your car? Also i was told they would not reimburse for charges for supercharging only that you will stop getting them once it goes into affect.

Techy James | 16 octobre 2019

@rsingh05 I would like to know how you got the Free Supercharging for life. I thought that was only for the Model S/X that got that option? Granted I am sure that the offer no longer exists, but who know maybe it will be brought back. Granted for me Supercharging for life wouldn't amount to much. Maybe 30 dollars a month tops or if I am vacationing another 30 dollars depending on where the vacation is.

jimglas | 16 octobre 2019

FUSC was available with the P3D for a while. I got mine during that time. one of the reasons I upgraded to the P.
They later offered to "buy back" the FUSC for $5k. I elected to keep it. I will probably never use that amount of SCing, but I like the convenience.

synthlight | 16 octobre 2019

@rustproofcorn, I bought from existing inventory on the same day that I walked in. Not that it matters but I purchased a Model 3 performance. I would have been OK with them not reimbursing but I was told directly through an online chat with Tesla that I should bring it up with my Tesla Store to get reimbursed (written above up the page a bit). When I arrived, one of the sales advisors told me he didn't know why they would have me go to the store for reimbursement. This sort of disconnected messaging seems to be prevalent.

vswendsen | 17 octobre 2019

Like others here I had never heard of this free Supercharging. Last month I took a road trip from NC to MI. I was charging in Ann Arbor, finished supper at Texas Roadhouse and checked the charge level and the Supercharging fee was $9.55. Thought that was pretty cheap for the time I was there. When I unplugged plugged and got back in my M3 the charge fee was $0.00. Rather surprised to say the least. Had no idea what happened or why I wasn't charged. No charging fees the rest of the trip or since then. A few weeks after this I checked my account and it showed free supercharging. There was no mention anywhere of free supercharging for two years because you bought a car from inventory.

BillandCrissy | 17 octobre 2019

We've had the same issue with not getting the free supercharging we were promised yet. This was a big deal for us and a large incentive as we do a little more than 25,000/year average because of travel soccer and other things. Otherwise we would have waited until the end of the year. We were told several times that as long as we took delivery by 9-30 we would get 2 free years of supercharging. We even selected a vehicle from inventory that mostly fitted what we wanted, but with one concession in order to get the vehicle by then.
We were told it would show up within the first couple of days into October. When that didn't happen I reached out to the sales rep who kept telling us that we would be getting it soon. On day 7 (the last day to return the vehicle) after I sensed there was a problem I asked him to check the account specifically and double check everything was in order he replied you'll have it by the end of the week. Still nothing so I told him on Sunday that we still didn't have it and he claimed he reached out to the incentive team because I should have had it already. (Ya think). He tells me Monday that he got confirmation that it will be added to my account and the the had to write multiple emails and even do some yelling. 3 days later and it still isn't here.
In between I had even reached out to customer service and they just told me to work through it with my sales rep. This is very ridiculous. I mean WTF is going on with these people? They could literally string us along forever and essentially there's nothing we can do about it. I am very disappointed with this whole process. They really need to get their act together.

ericyunker | 17 octobre 2019

Just spoke to a sales rep in Vegas, and he said they just sent out a list of customers who have not had the free supercharging show up yet, and it will be coming eventually. It sounds like they are aware of this issue and are working on it. Will update when I hear more or see it in my account.