NoAP and AP

NoAP and AP

I have been traveling quite a bit the last 7 weeks and while the over the air updates have been rolling in I have not been home to drive the car. This weekend I finally had a chance to drive some distances and see what has changed which is quite a few things. What I am most impressed with the NoAP or just AP on a freeway compared to earlier versions. No longer braking hard when people change lanes in front of me. A much more human like reaction that is subtle and stays with the flow. Very very impressed by the progress here. The display is also quite informative now seeing all the lane where ever I am am, where it is going to change lanes to, etc. It even does a nice job of cars coming on the freeway of slowing slightly yo allow them to merge as though I was doing it myself.

Anyway, there are so many new features and enhancements I have yet to try like summon, but had to post how impressed I am with AP and the progress. My wife was so pleased at how much smoother it is even in heavier traffic.

Joshan | 7 octobre 2019

I agree! it is pretty cool how it moved around in the lane now also. It will move over in the lane for various reasons.

Smalm | 7 octobre 2019

@Joshan +1 - on my drive to San Diego and back was very pleased how the car would move to hug the left lane when passing semi-trucks. Prior to this (if the wife was in the car) I’d need to disengage to hug the left lane myself. Now it drives just like I would. Wasn’t in carpool lane but would be interested to know if it does the same for motorcycles splitting the lanes in slow traffic.

Other thing I noticed is the nag system to keep your hand on the wheel is much more sensitive and only requires a slight movement. Prior to V10 sometimes I’d have to tug it enough that it disengaged. Pretty cool the car keeps getting better.

Techy James | 7 octobre 2019

@Smalm I haven't noticed a change in the sensitivity to nag for hand on wheel. What I have noticed, more frequent nagging even when my hands are on the wheel.

Kary993 | 7 octobre 2019

I definitely noticed the sensitivity is quite high and leaving one hand on wheel with light pressure hanging downward keeps the warns much longer than prior versions.

triton3 | 7 octobre 2019

@Smalm, No, the car doesn't move over for lane splitting bikes, Im assuming there is very little time between when the car 'sees' the bike and time required to do a gentle transition. However, I do notice the car shift around in the lane for other reasons.

82bert | 7 octobre 2019

100% agree. AP and NoA are working incredibly well. Some on here have claimed it’s unchanged, but anyone that uses it even occasionally knows how ludicrous that is. Is it perfect? No. Does it continually improve and advanced leaps and bounds with V10. Most certainly.

walnotr | 7 octobre 2019

We are 700 miles into our road trip and have be using NoAP probably 95% of the time on all types of roads. Almost no nags and traffic control and awareness is much improved. Very impressive but still a few quirks such as a couple of lane change aborts for no apparent reason. I’m sure it will get a workout as we head through the Bay Area.

Kary993 | 8 octobre 2019

Yes I don't know who says AP is not much better on this version unless they have not updated recently. It really is so much better. Didn't have any phantom braking the other day on a 100 mile journey!