PG&E customers: what did you do during the blackout?

PG&E customers: what did you do during the blackout?

I was able to charge at work (I normally charge at home to avoid the hassle of crowded charging spots and potential idle fees).

We also spent an evening in the Tesla enjoying theater mode: The wife says we should do that regularly, even when there is no blackout!
I'm happy Elon is thinking about in vehicle entertainment possibilities.

Power is back on now, after 40 hours, and ZERO wind.

Hopefully everyone who still is without power gets theirs back soon. If not, then enjoy a movie or two on Elon.

nnguyen72 | 11 octobre 2019

Our power was out just under 24 hours so I didn't have to worry about being unable to charge. I can see these incidents happening much more often in the future which has me seriously considering getting a Powerwall installed. We had solar panels installed last year, but decided against a backup battery as their prices are still currently pretty high. Just need to convince the wife!

rxlawdude | 11 octobre 2019

The issue is the utilities have now been given carte blanche to not maintain the transmission lines, instead shutting the power down.

M3Tesla | 11 octobre 2019

I just bought a 400W converter and plan to hook up to M3 for emergency use to light up few lights and to charge electronic devices.

MAB1980 | 11 octobre 2019

rxlawdude | October 11, 2019
The issue is the utilities have now been given carte blanche to not maintain the transmission lines, instead shutting the power down.

Agreed. Between all the fires (thousands) caused by un-maintained power lines (as well as un-maintained forests), the huge natural gas leak in Porter Ranch, Los Angeles water mains blowing six ways from Sunday, etc, it’s becoming apparent that the relationship between the essentially one party government and the utilities has been far too cozy for far too long.

Clyffe3 | 11 octobre 2019

Perhaps I can tell you what I was doing during the power outage around 9 months from now :)

radean84 | 11 octobre 2019

Most of my city was blacked out while I had power. Oddly enough, there's a huge PG&E thing hiding behind brick walls right near my house. I'm thinking I was left with power because that thing needs power.

steveishere | 11 octobre 2019

I was hoping my area got blackout so I got to use the Powerwall, but alas...

Elektra3 | 11 octobre 2019

I actually got a notification from Tesla on Oct. 8 or 9th saying that a power outage was anticipated in my area and to charge to 100% and then check map for status of Tesla chargers--better notice than we got from PG&E. I charged to 95% and was good for the outage.

douglas_peale | 12 octobre 2019

I charged my car as soon as I got home from work instead of waiting for the 11:00 PM scheduled charge.

PG&E in their tantrum rescheduled the power outage multiple times. The power finally went out at 11:15 PM and stayed out until 3:00 PM the next day. There was no wind before during or after the power outage. This appears to a publicity stunt designed to punish the citizens of CA for daring to hold PG&E accountable for the negligence. They would be better off doing the required maintenance, or re-designing their system so that it does not require so much maintenance (burying their lines, they did it for the gas lines, they can do it for electricity too).

wytknukls | 12 octobre 2019

I charged to 100% before the shutdown, then stopped by a Supercharger while shopping on the third day. I'm more worried about wildfires then power outages, so no complaints from me.

CST | 13 octobre 2019

Power stayed on, but we have underground utilities, and a golf course which mitigates low humidity.

rxlawdude | 13 octobre 2019

"Are You Ready" to lobby for PG&E to be taken over as a publicly owned utility?

(Some of you may get the quoted reference.)

Passion2Fly | 13 octobre 2019

Honestly, I don’t know about PGE but SDGE in San Diego offers great rates for EV charging ($0.09/kWh), $850 per year energy credit and I got $4000 subsidies for my PowerWall... what else can one ask for?? Last time I had a power outage was more than one year ago...

jerrykham | 13 octobre 2019

Darn PGE&E - we got texts saying that our power may be shut down. The maps showed us as being in one of the zones where power might go out. Then we got an email saying that our power was already out or about to be. Never went out at all. Some friends in other nearby cities were out though. This would have been the first real world outage test of our powerwall system. We use it daily to time shift load (powers the house during the "peak" period), but we haven't had an actual grid outage since we got them installed in June. Of course we do have the big towers with PG&E lines about 1/2 mile from the house. I thought they would shut those down. But the wind at our place was never more than 12 MPH (which is actually LESS than normal here). So I guess they left ours up due to lack of wind.

in7 | 13 octobre 2019

There were some YouTube videos showing people charging a Tesla with a portable gasoline-powered electric generator, but it doesn't charge it very fast, and you need to fill up it's gas tank multiple times in order to significantly increase the car's SOC. Not all of the electric generators will work though. Need one with a pure sine wave and a ground the car will detect, and they tend to be more expensive.

Olsonpk | 26 octobre 2019

I'm out of town during the next planned PG&E outage; I usually leave my M3 plugged in (a plugged in car is a happy car …) but I'm worried the "de-energization" "re-energization" will hurt the car. Should I leave it unplugged this time?
Any info from Tesla on this?

FISHEV | 26 octobre 2019

"The issue is the utilities have now been given carte blanche to not maintain the transmission lines, instead shutting the power down."@rxlawdude

No kidding. Government needs to step in.

1. You don't power off because of threat power lines will start wild fires.
2. You eliminate the threat of power lines causing wildfires.

If PG&E cannot do that, then government needs to take over the utility and make it a true public utility like the rural co-ops.

Government needs to step in and order PG&E to keep the power on and if it feels certain lines are threats, station personnel there to prevent it. Of PG&E can't do, call out National Guard to patrol the most dangerous power lines.

With climate change we probably need to upgrade the National Guard to prevent and fight fires. Good logistics training and lots of fires in wars so good military training also but most of all, serving the public need. The fire risks go up each year so it's a problem to be addressed.

kevin_rf | 26 octobre 2019

Sure, call out the CA national guard and hang chain saws off of all the helicopters. They will clear cut the state in no time...

FISHEV | 26 octobre 2019

"call out the CA national guard and hang chain saws off of all the helicopters. They will clear cut the state in no time."@kevin_rt

Clear cutting, climate change, development are the cause of the wild fires (which were natural event in North Am prior to all that).

Idea is not that the National Guard would cut anything down but be doing focused surveillance in high risk areas with aerial and on ground presence. Early intervention.

Look on the wild fires as military attack on US, it certainly looks like a war zone, threatens the security of millions which is what military is all about protecting. They have all the equipment. Disaster response are key role of National Guard.

Deply the NG vs. cutting off power to millions.

mrburke | 26 octobre 2019

At times I can not believe the ignorance of some of the people who post on this board.

ALDONY | 26 octobre 2019

As an European citizen, lake iseo, I am blown away and angry at pg&e and most of the private energy companies in this country.

It boils down to. Money as usual, like the rest. I can't believe that I still see cables hanging on poles 3rd world country at most.

The government should fine and shut down companies like this, and put in jail their ceo for fraud and corruption. This country should run on 220v and have state of the art infrastructure. | 26 octobre 2019

@ALDONY - I share some of your concerns. Not sure about switching residential from 120 to 240v outlets. The consumer costs would be extreme having to toss out most electronics, lights, and appliances. Not sure what it would gain either, although new house wiring would require less copper. Most of the 240v plugs used in other countries seem so clunky too.

Similarly, putting every power line on poles underground would likely cost so much, our electric rates would jump ten-fold. I like the idea, but not very practical. Now high-tension lines in fire-prone areas are a different issue. Sound like PG&E is working on replacing these lines, but over 10 years (yuck). Again the costs are massive to even do this one little part of the system.

billlake2000 | 26 octobre 2019

I run all my appliances off of flatulence | 26 octobre 2019

@billlake - Ah, the power of beans :)

rxlawdude | 26 octobre 2019

Residential electrical service is 240V today. That is split into two 120v legs.

There is zero impact on fires. Unless you are suggesting reducing 240V to 220V. Even that's unlikely to reduce risk from arcing wires.

ALDONY | 26 octobre 2019

@teslaTap, I agree with you..

But I would rather change my appliances, or maybe just some parts to adjust.

I think if you calculate the damage the fires and the outages are doing is probably multiple times the cost of upgrading to an underground grid.

As you say, Europe is on 220v but it wasn't alway like that. I remember 30 years ago I had electric cables and phone lines running from cement poles as well.

kevin_rf | 26 octobre 2019

@ALDONY with a dual 100v 50hz/100v 60hz residential standard, the Japanese must be absolute savages then.

Btw. The lines sparking the fires in CA are for the most part not the residential lines, but higher voltage, high current transmissions lines that criss cross the state to feed California's huge demand. I'm pretty sure a fair number of European above ground transmission lines still exist.

Scrannel | 26 octobre 2019

Installed a generator.

rxlawdude | 26 octobre 2019

@kevin_rf, +1

Lonestar10_1999 | 26 octobre 2019

@scrannel- have you successfully recharged your M3 from your own generator? Some forum posters have reported that they were unsuccessful. It could be that the smaller generators produce ac power that is too “dirty” for the M3 to accept.

Scrannel | 26 octobre 2019

Hey Lonestar, have not tried but hear it works if unit properly grounded. Also, mine's pretty big.

bjrosen | 26 octobre 2019

I live in MA where we lose power because of ice storms. It used to be that we would have a long power outage once every 10 years now we are getting two or three a year. Two years ago I had two week long power outages, after that I decided to get a propane generator (I don't have natural gas available on my street). A year ago I put in a 20KW Kohler and it's been great. It's very quiet and it switches over seamlessly, the only way I notice is that my UPSes give a beep when it happens and there is a momentary flickering of the lights, after that everything is normal. I had a long outage last winter but because of the generator life went on as normal. I've had one short outage this year. Those of you who live in CA will have to face the fact that power outages are now a fact of life, it will take years before PGE fixes it, maybe never, so you'll have to take matters into your own hands. My Kohler cost me $12K installed. You could look at solar systems but you will also need a pretty big power wall to get you through the nights, that will cost you a lot more than a generator but there would be other advantages to a solar system that might make up for that, but one way or another you all need backup systems of some sort.

Lonestar10_1999 | 26 octobre 2019

Testing whether your generator can successfully recharge your M3 is best when no emergency is imminent. If you find yourself in dire need of recharging and PG&E targets your neighborhood for a rolling blackout then its too late. Don’t leave it up to chance. It’s a matter of safety.

Nobody wants to hear on the evening news that everyone heeded the evacuation order except the guy who owned a depleted M3.

Scrannel | 26 octobre 2019

Hey, bjrosen, the quote here for a system similar to yours was $67K! Would have required a bunch of stone work and all. So I picked up a stand alone generator which plugs into my breaker box through a manual transfer switch and powers specific breakers directly instead of the whole board (thus does not require main breaker shut down). Fairly decent, and will use this until I sort out Powerwalls. Which, compared with the full auto generator quote, will be cheap!

ALDONY | 26 octobre 2019

If anyone of you has ever be to Japan, you would be understanding.

It's not "only" about the voltage. It's about proactively fixing the problems before they become problems. JAPAN still has poles (Kyoto for example) and wires, but opposite of USA they proactively inspect and take Pride on even being a cable inspector.

have you seen how here instead of fixing the problem for good, pg&e, coned, etc.. Just repair or patch it up. They REACT to a problem and try to repair it at with te least & minimum expense. Pg&e has no pride, bunch of lazy workers who are protected by the union

Magic 8 Ball | 26 octobre 2019

Just got hit. Winds are dead calm. Just transferred frozen 1 gallon jugs to fridge.

majassow | 26 octobre 2019

Here we go again. Was camping in Bodega Bay, got a mandatory evacuation notice for the kincade Fire (which looks like it's another PG&E caused conflagration)... Headed back home: no power, no wind.

Magic 8 Ball | 27 octobre 2019

Our power is still out, dead calm in San Mateo co. hills. Kinkade is getting huge.

bjrosen | 27 octobre 2019

Scrannel@, somethings very wrong with a 67K quote, get another. I got several quotes, the highest was about $14K. The generator itself is around $6K, don;t remember the exact number, you also need automatic transfer switches, permit fees, a concrete pad for the generator and the propane tanks and installation. I went with Kohler because my research showed that they are more reliable than Generac, they also have a longer warranty. There is a fairly long run from my generators to my panel, I put it in my side yard which requried them to run the line under my barn and then through a crawl space into my basement and even with that it was only $12K.

majassow | 27 octobre 2019

A bit breezy this morning in the foothills. First time since the shutoffs started. Kincade looks fierce. Be safe if you are near. | 27 octobre 2019

@M8B - Clever idea on the gallon ice jug. I'll have to try that. Luckily no power loss here in the south bay (yet).

howard | 27 octobre 2019

Sorry to all those affected. Never dreamed we would have parts of our great country under mandatory power blackouts. Infrastructure has been neglected for so very long. We are all going to be paying more for the essentials in the not to distant future. Might hasten the living off grid movement. How many millions of gallons daily are being lost in our major cities due to old crumbling water mains. The poor conditions of our roads in CO does not reflect our high taxes that are increasing at what seems like nearly exponentially rates. Ouch to all.

Magic 8 Ball | 27 octobre 2019

Shopping Powerwall now.

CST | 27 octobre 2019

No power outage here... lucky again. Apparently, they are looking to repeat this mess again on Tuesday!

Magic 8 Ball | 27 octobre 2019

Ours is still out 6:34pm. Tuesday restore maybe. Gonna go watch Netflix in the car.

howard | 27 octobre 2019

Maybe the national guard can put some DPGDS in at the larger Tesla charging centers that are affected by the blackouts. If I remember right just north of 750kW.

Scrannel | 27 octobre 2019

@bjrosen. The quote included extensive stone work. You do not need an automatic switch if you are using a transfer product that feeds specific breakers instead of the whole box because you can't back load through the main and fry a line man. The other issue we have in California is, earthquakes. Which can mean natural gas shut down. My generator is tri-power, but most setups here are natural gas.

Magic 8 Ball | 28 octobre 2019

Looks like another night in the Tesla for entertainment. Power

Magic 8 Ball | 28 octobre 2019

....restore tomorrow night maybe.