Sirius XM Guide

Sirius XM Guide

How do I find a guide to all of the Sirius XM Stations on the Tesla Entertainment Screen? I am able to access AM, FM, and SAT, but cannot find the guide to scroll through the different channels or subjects.

Rowlie | 15 octobre 2019

I wonder the same thing. It used to be just scrolling up after selecting SXM, but that seems to have gone away. I saved the web version of the channel listing on my web browser, but that's a clumsy way to get to it.

bp | 16 octobre 2019

The XM guide should be there - the guide disappears occasionally from our S/X vehicles (both with XM) - and then reappears after using the XM radio for a while.

For a vehicle that's continuously connected to the Internet, it's unfortunate there isn't a way to pull the guide data over the internet, and instead rely on pulling that data slowly from the XM satellite feed.

mg | 29 octobre 2019

Does anyone know if there's a plan to address the lack of a guide (that I have on my other vehicles)? I was told by a person in sales during a visit to a Tesla store that he believes it may be a security driven decision by Tesla.

rm760 | 1 novembre 2019

Highly doubt it is security related. Probably a cost concession like art work for music via Sirius.