Model S Performance (i.e. Raven) stuck on V9 2019.32.2.4

Model S Performance (i.e. Raven) stuck on V9 2019.32.2.4

Anyone else in the same situation?
The service center did the upgrade from 2019.32.2.2 to 2019.32.2.4 and they said that they can't do major upgrades such as V9 to V10.

PrescottRichard | 28 octobre 2019

Don’t sweat it.

It’s like puberty. You look forward to it, it finally happens, you love and hate it, later on you wish you could go back to before it.

jimglas | 28 octobre 2019

I would never go back to before puberty

EVRider | 28 octobre 2019

Make sure you have software updates set to Advanced and the car has both cellular and WiFi service when parked.

barrykmd | 28 octobre 2019

I have mine set to Standard, as I don't want early updates, and I got 2019.32.2.2 in the early rollout.
I think that standard/advanced thing is like the Close Door button on elevators - it's there but not connected to anything.

andras.hatvani | 28 octobre 2019

PrescottRichard - I already had a few updates previously, but this is the most important and feature rich with better autopilot and 3% more power - I'd rather risk being unsatisfied ;)
EVRider - I do