UV treatment

UV treatment

At Memphis SC getting yellow ring UV treated. 2 hrs.

mizunosan | 30 octobre 2019

Got mine done last week! Looks great now!

TranzNDance | 30 octobre 2019

Yellow ring around the MCU?

Anthony J. Parisio | 30 octobre 2019

What do you mean UV treatment?

garyjtate | 30 octobre 2019

As I understand the issue...
The screen is made up of several layers of glass(?) which is glued together.
The edges have shown yellowing due to poor adhesion. Some screens more than others.
The UV light reactivates and cures the glue which clears up yellowing.
Mine took 2+30 hrs. Yellowing gone.

Anthony J. Parisio | 31 octobre 2019


jimglas | 31 octobre 2019

what is "2+30 hrs" ?

adspguy | 31 octobre 2019

I had the same treatment done. Worked well for me too.

Bighorn | 31 octobre 2019

I’d guess 2-3 hours

jimglas | 31 octobre 2019

that makes sense

reed_lewis | 31 octobre 2019

I am getting it done on Monday. My screen is a little yellow, but I wanted to get it taken care of.

MezzaLuna | 31 octobre 2019

Does anyone know whether this is claimed to be a permanent solution, or might we need to head back every few years? Also I'm curious whether newer cars are showing this problem after a while. Mine's pretty bad - mid-2018.

Bighorn | 31 octobre 2019

Temporary as I understand it