Does Tesla sell/provide your email to merchants?

Does Tesla sell/provide your email to merchants?

Does Tesla sell/provide your email to merchants? I have started receiving emails supposedly from Sam's Club on an email address that I set up just for use by TESLA and have given to no one else. I did purchase an item from the shop Tesla site - would this have sent my email to Sam's club?

CP2centsworth | 10 novembre 2019

email contains links to // ... Can not find any reference to this on Google. Is this malicious? Why would the links be to Denmark site if it is legit? | 10 novembre 2019

I'm not aware of any sales of emails by Tesla. It's possible the shipper was given your email address and they, in turn, sold it? Less likely, but any chance you have a virus on your computer that is grabbing email addresses?

Did you ever post your email in the forums? Sounds like you wouldn't do that, but sometimes people do. I'm sure forums (like everything nowadays) are regularly harvested for emails by spammers.

TranzNDance | 11 novembre 2019

I also give out unique addresses and have not gotten spam sent to my Tesla address. I also searched the spam folder. Are you also using unique passwords?

EVRider | 11 novembre 2019

How long ago did you create your Tesla account? A few years ago there was an apparent leak of e-mail addresses from Tesla to a third party seller of Tesla accessories, but I haven’t heard of that happening since.

SamO | 11 novembre 2019

No. Tesla sends direct marketing material but does not sell to others.

rxlawdude | 11 novembre 2019

@EV +1.

I remember getting stuff from other vendors when I signed up to in early 2015;