Model 3 Quicksnap window shades: pretty happy with them.

Model 3 Quicksnap window shades: pretty happy with them.

I was looking for something to block the California sun during longer trips. Came across this on Amazon, bought it and I like it:

$69.99 gets you four shades for the front and rear side windows. They snap into the window frame and fit pretty good. The front ones do have a gap so you see the side mirrors.

Not affiliated with the product, just passing along the word...

4barkie | 11 novembre 2019

what does it look like when the shades are up?

Swampy | 12 novembre 2019

They look good. The rear ones cover the entire window. The front ones fit nicely, but have a gap in the front so you can see the mirrors. Kinda looks like in the picture I linked in my post. You can still see pretty well through the mesh, but it’s hard to look in from the outside. I wouldn’t drive with them snapped in, on surface streets. But for longer freeway trips, it’s ideal.

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 12 novembre 2019

What happens when the door is opened? Since there’s no frame around the windows, they’ll fall on the ground when the doors are opened.

Swampy | 12 novembre 2019

Yes :/ Unfortunately you have to snap them in and take them out before you open the door or hold it as you open the door. Not ideal :)

Varricks | 14 novembre 2019

I got my 3 at the end of July. I'm surprised that the glass roof doesn't seem to be either a glare nor a heat issue. I'd figured shades were going to be mandatory, but have been doing fine so far. Near Sacramento.

billtphotoman | 14 novembre 2019

These might be nice for a bit of privacy when car camping. Thanks for posting.

Baymax3 | 25 mai 2020

Hello, Would you be able to upload a photo of the shades installed in your model 3?