What do you think of Regenerative Braking to a complete stop?

What do you think of Regenerative Braking to a complete stop?

For those of you who have the latest update from Tesla 36.2.1, Do you like Regenerative Braking to a complete stop?
I have driven it for 1 day now and I love it! I even stop at stop signs now...well almost. :)

cyberrider77 | 12 novembre 2019

Regen to complete stop, like or dislike.

sleeper service | 13 novembre 2019

I agree with cyberrider77. I was very careful at first but nothing out of the ordinary happened. I like it.

flickroll | 13 novembre 2019

Love it.

jimglas | 13 novembre 2019


EVRider | 13 novembre 2019

Only used it one day so far, but really like it. Model 3.

cybergrafx | 13 novembre 2019

I was excited for this feature as I've never done one pedal driving, I'm still getting used to it. Although I wish I could turn it off in reverse.

I like it but it almost seems too strong at slower speeds. I end up stopping too far back and find myself using the accelerator lightly to get 10-20 more feet before stopping. And it kind of feels like the regen brakes are on while accelerating slowly those last ten feet. (fighting against each other)

Maybe that's how one pedal driving is supposed to be but it seems that if I have to use the accelerator to go the last ten feet I'm not recouping the energy so going back to coasting might be better.

Any tips on getting better?

Techy James | 13 novembre 2019

Having never had a car before that had this feature, I wasn't 100% if I'd like it. While it is great most of the time, there is a few times like backing into my garage I prefer the ROLL setting to finish that last foot of space. So my only suggestion here might add a option for HOLD to be ROLL based on similar conditions as Tesla Cam feature.

Techy James | 13 novembre 2019

@cybergrafx "... Although I wish I could turn it off in reverse."
I second that idea. That would solve the stopping short in garage as backing in.

EVRider | 13 novembre 2019

I don’t know if I would turn it off for reverse, but I agree that it works better when you’re going forward.

EVRider | 13 novembre 2019

Well, maybe not “better” but it feels more natural.

kaffine | 13 novembre 2019

It was ok on the street, absolutely hate it when parking. When I went to back out of my parking spot to go to lunch I got half way through backing up and stopped and put it back to roll then continued. It will remain in roll.

The brakes were a bit to aggressive for my liking in parking lots. I like to roll some into and out off spots.

It is nice they made that option as I know a lot of people wanted it but I will stick with roll. Before the Tesla I drove stick shifts for 13 years almost exclusively, when I had to drive work trucks with automatics I would warn coworkers that I don't know how to drive automatics, frequently when I came up to stop signs my left foot would go for the clutch pedal and grab the brake instead.

teslu3 | 13 novembre 2019

The hold setting is a great improvement. Approaching stops is now one pedal, much better than having to use the brake. When traffic slows I would sometimes roll up more closely to the car in front, getting a loud reminder to not get so close; the hold setting avoids creeping to close and the ensuing alarm.
Backing up is fine. Entering the garage I used to let it roll back if I went a bit too far; with the hold setting I simply dont go too far.
With this feature and the departure time, it feels like a refreshed if not quite a new car.

skymaster | 13 novembre 2019

Totally awesome. Finally...... one pedal driving forward and reverse.

Varricks | 14 novembre 2019

Still getting myself calibrated to it, but very pleased so far.

EVRider | 14 novembre 2019

What would make this even better is having the car figure out where to stop, either just behind the vehicle in front or at the line, even when you’re not using TACC or AP.

cyberrider77 | 14 novembre 2019

"What would make this even better is having the car figure out where to stop, either just behind the vehicle in front or at the line, even when you’re not using TACC or AP."

I agree EVRider, as I'm driving with one pedal driving it would be very cool if you approach a stopped vehicle in front of you that you wouldn't have to modulate the deceleration as much.

christmy1savior | 16 novembre 2019

I love it! It works great when coming to a stop at a red light, behind another vehicle, or even when parking. But it doesn't stop quick enough at stop signs where you need to stop and immediately go. They need to add a feature you can enable where it will automatically apply hold or the brakes when you get down to around 1-2 mph, so I'm not waiting for the car to roll to a complete stop at a stop sign so I can then proceed. I usually still use the brakes at stop signs so I can stop quicker.

RedShift | 16 novembre 2019

I like it. To too much during reversing, but otherwise.

RedShift | 16 novembre 2019

I like it. To too much during reversing, but otherwise.

RedShift | 16 novembre 2019

*Not too much

chadbobb | 16 novembre 2019

I don't like the auto hold on the brake. I like the regen all the way to zero speed but I want to decide if I want hold by tapping the brake. This is actually enough for me to turn it off.

Uncle Paul | 16 novembre 2019

Getting used to it. Little strange at first, but imagine that it will be my go to setting.
Little bit of a learning curve.

BumblebeEV | 17 novembre 2019

Didn’t change a thing in cold climate

Temperature has been around -5 to -10 for the last 10 days in Montreal, Canada

Regen is currently almost non existent

Yodrak. | 17 novembre 2019

I have a May 2018 Model S, with FSD and update 36.2.1, but no option to come to a full stop. Only the old creep or no creep.

Yodrak. | 17 novembre 2019

I understand now, found out in some threads in the Model S group that only the new Model S Ravens with the permanent-magnet front motor, and Model 3s, have Stop Mode. Oh well.

Actually, I'm satisfied with the degree to which turning off Creep brings my Model S to almost a stop, and with the reports I'm reading about how Stop Mode behaves in reverse may be I'm not missing much at this time.

Earl and Nagin ... | 18 novembre 2019

I've turned Stop Mode off after trying it for a few days. I guess, the idea that "Creep" allows you to use 1 footed braking in tight situations has a lot of merit. You can let off the brake to carefully adjust your possition, then push harder to actually start.
This way, the brake pedal is used when stopping is the most important activity, while the accelerator is used when going is the dominant activity.
I love that we have the choice though!

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 18 novembre 2019

It’s fine. Didn’t take long to adapt (slightly different right foot technique). Don’t love it or hate it.

FISHEV | 18 novembre 2019

I like it. Have to change technique to regen a bit later than I would with standard regen. Tesla is saying this will increase range by some amount, small I'm sure, so I'll give it a try.

wfickas | 21 novembre 2019

I turned it off after a few days. I liked it for pulling up to stops on the road, but disliked it during parking.

Tesla-David | 21 novembre 2019

Absolutely love it in our M3. I only wish Tesla would add this feature to our 2015 S85D. Has anyone heard if this will be available to older cars?

NKYTA | 21 novembre 2019

@Tesla-David, Raven's and Model 3's.

Tesla-David | 21 novembre 2019

Thanks @NKYTA thought as much. I am waiting on the MS Plaid refresh, which should have everything.

Sjohnson1975 | 22 novembre 2019

I really like it but still getting used to it.

jrweiss98020 | 22 novembre 2019

After driving it for a week, I like it very much. Only downside so far is trying to back slowly out of garage or parking spot. It wants to stop and Hold, requiring another tap on the acceerator to get it going - less smoothly than without the Hold.

EVRider | 22 novembre 2019

In another thread about this, Bighorn speculated that the touchy behavior of Stopping Mode in reverse is probably going to cause someone to back into a supercharging pedestal. I think he might be right.

I'm not thrilled with the behavior in reverse either, but I'm getting used to it. My wife's old i3 felt similar in drive, but was smoother in reverse.

DermMD | 22 novembre 2019

My S was upgraded to hardware 3 a couple weeks ago and I'm on 32.2.2 but do not have this as an available option.

jrweiss98020 | 22 novembre 2019

Comes in with build 36.x

EVRider | 23 novembre 2019

@DermMD: If your S is pre-Raven, you won’t get Stopping Mode, even with 36.x. Only supported for Raven S/X and Model 3.