Snow chain experience for your MX

Snow chain experience for your MX

I have a MX with 22" Onyx Wheels and was wondering if I am able to use snow chain instead of buying brand new rims?

C&C welcome

lilbean | 27 novembre 2019

You can use the chains that are sold on the online shop. Some people seem to have success with Autosox too.

Uncle George | 28 novembre 2019

Snow chains can be purchased on Amazon/Walmart/AutoZone. Make sure that they are sized to fit.

mbirnie51 | 29 novembre 2019

I'm here in California Bay area. I go up to Seattle a few times a year, and when I head up north in fall/winter, I go to Les Schawb tires and buy the chains to fit my tires. At the end of the season, Les will re-purchase them from you if they have not been used, dollar to dollar.
When on the road, I'll also use "Caltrans CCTV Map" to monitor the road cameras live to see what's ahead. Click on any camera icon to get a live feed of the road. Oregon has a similar system too. Happy trails.