My M3 thinks pumpkins are cones

My M3 thinks pumpkins are cones


Backing of my garage this evening and approaching a leftover set of pumpkins, my m3 depicted them as orange cones in the car surrounding display.

Very interesting. In a way, they were indeed acting as cones in my driveway. I wonder if their image processing is using some sort of neural net.


rdk | 5 décembre 2019

I have a 2019 M3 (October delivery) with firmware 2019.36.2.4 (just installed yesterday).

vmulla | 5 décembre 2019

Another case of mistaken identity :)

It's really fun to see the system's image recognition evolve.

M3phan | 5 décembre 2019

Drove by Gillian Anderson, car rendered her as a cone.

Bighorn | 5 décembre 2019

At least they got the color right.

Varricks | 7 décembre 2019

The trouble I've seen is that the cones around here (everywhere?) have a stripe or two of reflective tape around them. No such stripe shows in the screen rendering.
Also, it depicts cones lying sideways on the road as standing up normally, but even when I check the rearview after driving by, the cone will still be lying down. Hideous misrepresentation.
And to top it off, I have a horrible bruise in my back. Turns out there was a pea under one of my mattresses. It just never ends.

kevin_rf | 7 décembre 2019

Third Tesla Hardware problems.... Those of us on hardware 2.5 do not have these issues ;-)

M3phan | 7 décembre 2019

That’s right, I just drive right over those stupid cones.

kevin_rf | 7 décembre 2019
jamilworm | 7 décembre 2019

"Third Tesla Hardware problems"

Good one!