Is it me or settings or something?

Is it me or settings or something?

Maybe the answer is this is a prohibited feature while driving. Every now and again while driving I'll click on the globe to bring up the browser and check the weather or the ESPN scoreboard with success. I've tried three times to listen to a podcast ( I've found it while parked as I surely don't want to be distracted while driving. OK , on all occasions the podcast starts but when I select Reverse or Drive it shuts off. Today I realized that it restarts when I put it in Park. I then thought that like playing games, Netflix, et al. that it only works in Park. Any thoughts?

Sarah R | 8 décembre 2019

You're hot on the trail on this one.

Yes, the browser and all of the entertainment features are disabled of the vehicle isn't parked. If you're interested in listening to a podcast, start it on your phone over bluetooth audio.

Tronguy | 8 décembre 2019

Um. With the SO in the passenger's seat, we've successfully gotten podcasts going whilst driving. Admittedly, it's mostly things like Wait, Wait - Don't Tell Me on NPR, but there it is.

Bighorn | 8 décembre 2019

Tunein podcasts work while driving