Roof leak

Roof leak

I have a roof leak and I think it's located around one of the solar panel supports. It's near the middle of the panel array so I can't get to the top side. How can I test the theory?
So far all I have is a small stain that appeared on my living room ceiling over Thanksgiving while I was out of town.

gregbrew | 9 décembre 2019

*Call* Tesla customer service. They should send someone out to inspect and fix it. Read your PV contract. There should be something in there about guaranteeing the roof for installation damage. Cite that in your phone call.

Immediately after my installation, I went up into my attic at mid-day, turned the lights off and looked up at the inside of the roof. I recommend that everyone do this immediately after installation. I saw light in a couple of spots associated with the safety harness tie-downs that the installers used. (Then) Solar City had a local roofing contractor out at my house the next day, and he patched it. No trouble since, and we've had some serious (for So. CA) rain here since then. This was in December of 2015.

Good luck.

charlesj | 9 décembre 2019

There was another poster in the other Tesla energy chat board with roof leaks. He had a bunch of pictures that indicated the panel installer was hunting for the rafters with a drill, plugged but at l east one failed and leaked.
Tesla denied it was their fault. Not sure of the outcome but there are lots of follow ups.
Most likely your leak is similar.