Pano roof squeaking

Pano roof squeaking

When I start driving in the morning I have to go over 3 speedbumps in the backstreet and I hear the panoroof squeaking when I get over a speed bump that has only one side on the passenger side

As if the torsion of the frame makes it squeak when it’s still cold. I preheat 30 mins but there is still ice on the cornes of the roof frame at the junction of the panoroof.

Been doing this for 2 weeks now and not improving. If I put my hand and make an upward pressure on the middle of the panoroof the squeaking completely stops.

I have an appointment with Tesla on the 27 for the Mudguards so I guess I’ll tell them about this minor issue.

Have you guys noted a similar situation?

M3phan | 12 décembre 2019

Squeaking, no, but from the roof, yes. Hope they fix that for ya.