Santa came early this year!

Santa came early this year!

Just updated to 2019.40.2.1 and had to check out the faster charging on my SR+. When I first got it back in March 19 I hit 107kW on the local supercharger and figured that was plenty fast, not so much! Rolled into the station with 3% SOC to get as much juice as humanity possible. According to the in car navigation this station has a peak rate of 150kW... we're gonna find out today! After being plugged in for 2 minutes and recovering 8% battery the charge rate peaked at 141kW or 644m/hr. Amazing! Did not charge all the way to 90% but the estimated time was only 40 minutes to begin with then quickly dropped down to 35.

Another big win for the not-included crowd of pre- April 19... finally pulled the trigger on AP. Upon purchase I was given notification that the car would update within 3 days but not while off, charging, or being driven. Out of giddy child like excitement I ran out to the garage "just in case". To my surprise, less than 5 minutes after purchase AP functionality was available for use! Drove up and down the block a couple miles seeing if anything was new. Nags seem more frequent and it feels very bare bones without FSD features (no auto lane change) but I love it just a much! Just reduced my morning commute to <1 mile of "actual" driving.

Can't wait to add FSD to the roster!

I'd like to thank all the batteries that came before mine for giving their lives so that mine could last as long as possible <3