Frunk Refridgerator

Frunk Refridgerator

Anyone out there agree that it would be nice to have the frunk have the option of being refrigerated when you want it to be? Just a thought....

spuzzz123 | 7 janvier 2020

Not really. Coolers are good enough for me. Might be an interesting aftermarket accessory to create a cooler that fits perfectly in the trunk, however.

RJMIII | 7 janvier 2020

When I first got the car, I mistakenly thought the frunk was a conditioned space. So, we put food there to go to parties and such. I quickly realized it was not conditioned and luckily we didn’t lose any food items. However, it would be a nice to have. I just don’t think it was built with the right insulation and I don’t think there is an air conditioning conduit running in that direction.

hokiegir1 | 7 janvier 2020
gmr6415 | 7 janvier 2020

I found a soft cooler that fits well in the lower portion of the trunk. It seems to work even better than expected being enclosed within that area.

SalisburySam | 7 janvier 2020

@hokiegir1, thanks for that. Great way to get a frunk cooler. Ordered.

@gmr6415, link please, or more complete description would be helpful.

derotam | 7 janvier 2020

They could call it the Frunkerator©™

bddaughe | 7 janvier 2020

Someone once mentioned that this also fits in the frunk:

A little cheaper than the Evannex and is also hard cover.

spuzzz123 | 7 janvier 2020

@hokie lol nice I shoulda known there’s no such thing as an original idea anymore.

gmr6415 | 7 janvier 2020

@SalisburySam, I don't have a link. I picked it up at the local Walmart.

jordanrichard | 7 janvier 2020

Am actual fridge would need a way to vent heat out. Also be hard wired in. I think one shouldn't be messing with any wiring while the car is under warranty. Should anything go amiss, Tesla would be within their rights to wash their hands of the car.

roger.klurfeld | 7 janvier 2020

@bddaughe: I have a red one of those and it fits perfectly.

NorthValley | 7 janvier 2020

@bddaughe Ordered, thanks!

lilbean | 7 janvier 2020

Thanks @bddaughe , roger, and hokie.

kevin_rf | 7 janvier 2020

Jordan, just use the frunk hood to mount the cooling coil to, it could double as a heat sink.

bjrosen | 7 janvier 2020

The Ford Mach E frunk is an ice chest, they made it out of plastic and it has a drain hole, that's a nice touch.

coleAK | 7 janvier 2020

My Frunk is a freezer more then Half the year, currently -22F

EAPme | 7 janvier 2020

The Coleman 24 can cooler linked earlier is great and cheap to boot. Leaves enough space in the frunk for random smallish items like towels, shopping bags, etc.

Use it for keeping food hot or drinks cold.

bddaughe | 7 janvier 2020

@roger, thanks for the confirmation! I also liked that it holds a 9x13 dish. It's sometimes a challenge to transport food to get togethers without spilling it everywhere. Now, I have an option! And I love that it holds that many drinks. Seems perfect for vacation or for keeping things cool from the grocery store.

roger.klurfeld | 8 janvier 2020

@bddaughe: Especially frozen food from store to home.

lilbean | 8 janvier 2020

I just ordered it.

Varricks | 10 janvier 2020

Good lord, how far away from a Quick Stop do you people drive?

SalisburySam | 11 janvier 2020

@Varricks, more for trips than day-to-day.

kevin_rf | 11 janvier 2020

Varricks, nearest grocery store is 15 minutes at highway speed. If I want a Wegmans, it's 45... Longer for a Whole PayCheck ...eer Whole Foods.

hokiegir1 | 11 janvier 2020

@Varricks - hubby will sometimes do a Costco run for us, his parents and his sister. The other 2 are about half an hour away from us (and about 10 minutes from each other), and inevitably he does a few other things for each of them when he's dropping things off. We use cooler bags now, but this is an option to consider, too.

lilbean | 11 janvier 2020

I live 2 minutes away from the store. Haha!

hokiegir1 | 11 janvier 2020

@lilbean - so do we, actually. It's just the running around to everyone else that makes it take longer. :)

lilbean | 11 janvier 2020

@hokiegir1 Yes! :)

Varricks | 13 janvier 2020

Whole Foods fell off my visit list after I foolishly asked where the Diet Cokes were. Still, very nice restrooms.

It's rare that my trips are less than a hundred miles. I was curious once about the Kettleman City charger, so I told the cats I'd be back in a bit and went to go see. From near Sacramento. Twelve hours, by the time I was back. Instead of a froot cooler, I just hit a truck stop. I'll be having to get out of the car anyway. Old man thing.

jordanrichard | 13 janvier 2020

bjrosen, a plastic tub with a drain does not make it an "ice chest". Being insulated would make it an ice chest/cooler. If one felt adventurist, one could turn their Tesla frunk into an ice chest with a drain. I am sure one could simply drill a hole in the bottom of the frunk liner and snake a pcv tube/hose down the bottom of the car where the water could drain out. If there is room on the outside of the tub, one could even glue on some Styrofoam to provide some insulation properties to it.

andy.connor.e | 13 janvier 2020

Wish wegmans existed in the capital district NY. But then again, whenever i go back to syracuse the wegmans there is like an amusement park, so i calmly remind myself to appreciate the low-crowd amazon foods. I mean half-foods. Whole foods. Hole foods?

neylus | 13 janvier 2020

Another decent option.

AO Coolers Stow-N-Go Cooler, Black, 38-Pack AO Coolers

hokiegir1 | 13 janvier 2020

@andy - I also miss Wegmans down here in GA. I got hooked when visiting some family in the DC area.

inconel | 13 janvier 2020

I am curious what makes Wegman better than other stores. Is it better quality, more choices, or lower prices?

andy.connor.e | 13 janvier 2020

A mix of all of the above.

NorthValley | 13 janvier 2020

Ah Wegmans...takes me back to Upper NY state in the late 70's, last time I walked into one!

kevin_rf | 13 janvier 2020

Growing up in Western NY, imagine my shock when I entered my first non-Wegmans grocery stores. It was going from a Tesla to an ICE. A 45 minute drive for groceries is worth it...

andy.connor.e | 13 janvier 2020

Everytime i visit family in Syracuse, i head to the wegmans and pick up $100 worth of meats because the same amount of meat from where i am would cost about $150 for the same quality.

jd4714 | 14 janvier 2020

I'm also a Wegmans fan, that's the best part of visiting family & friends in MD ;-) Wish they would come to S FL!

andy.connor.e | 14 janvier 2020

Ha, my parents spend the winter in FL now, and they cant stand the stores because nothing down there compares to wegmans.

Sarah R | 14 janvier 2020

Please ... someone ... Save me. My pedantic OCD is twitching! Edit the title to this post. There's no "d" in "refrigerator."

lilbean | 14 janvier 2020

I was thinking that since this thread was posted but the OP is MIA.

ODWms | 15 janvier 2020

I think everyone was. I was surprised no one had said anything until now. Lol!

lilbean | 15 janvier 2020

I wunder if he will ever come back to ficks it.

Orthopod | 15 janvier 2020

My frunk is always between -5 and -20

By my guest to use it

SoCalTyler | 16 janvier 2020

I have actually spent more research on this subject than I'd like to admit. Although I haven't found a solution for a refrigerator in the frunk due to size and power requirements, I have a couple ideas for the trunk well.

This was the refrigerator/freezer that I had initially landed on which seems to just fit, with some air gap around it. And it has a 16 quart capacity:

I recently have found this one also which has a 19 quart capacity and a smaller footprint:

Wiring is a different story, however. easiest would be to just run a long 12v cigarette lighter extension cord between the back seats to the centre console, but that is not exactly my style. I thought of tapping into the 12v system in the trunk with these: but I haven't had time to research exactly how to do that. There is also I believe a 12v connection under the back seat, but again, this is going out of memory and you'd be doing this at your own risk.

If you do find a great solution please share. I had to shelf this project due to time constraints but I am very interested to delve back into it at some point.

Varricks | 17 janvier 2020

Well, the 12V battery is right there at the base of the windshield.....

Still, either a bag of ice or a couple icer bricks should outlast any voyage you're on.

kevin_rf | 17 janvier 2020

... How dare you imply a Model 3 doesn't have the range to out last a bag of ice ;-)

Thanks for the link, that could be a very interesting option when transporting things that need to be kept chilled. Thinking biotech... Know a few sales people that might find it interesting.

AKAZALBASCH | 18 janvier 2020

I got side impacted last week in a parking lot . Some one backed up while I was moving. Shouldn’t side cameras warn me? I see a camera on the rear quarter panel or is it something else?

Varricks | 18 janvier 2020

Must've gotten too warm.