I was charged for unauthorized performance upgrade

I was charged for unauthorized performance upgrade

The charge just appeared on my card. There is no other notification from Tesla.

Magic 8 Ball | 14 janvier 2020

Ad hominem exaggerated drama is the best ya' got @andy.connor.e, I have not seen much else from you.

Bighorn | 14 janvier 2020

It’s very easy to remove your CC on file in your account profile. I’ve done it before.

Joshan | 14 janvier 2020

very easy to join chat and talk to someone directly

andy.connor.e | 14 janvier 2020


I'll check it out more closely. Right now my account apparently is not available.

andy.connor.e | 14 janvier 2020


Except that im right. Because its not my opinion, its your posts. You're just as easy to predict as FISH.

Magic 8 Ball | 14 janvier 2020

@andy.connor.e Of course you are right but what are you right about? You have no argument in you, just contradictions and ad hominem in your retorts. Your constant commentary about how people should deal with pesky pesca, myself, and others makes you someone who wants to control others but you appear frustrated that no one follows your lead. You then get louder and louder with your soapbox rants, very shallow MO.

ICEMELT | 14 janvier 2020

I did try to go through CC dispute route immediately, tried answering questions in different ways. Every time it would come back and say they need to cancel my card and replace with new one. I didn't want to do that. Hence I wanted to resolve it with Tesla first.

If it was a true fraudulent charge, it was a different matter. Here I have a long term relation with Tesla. And for the record I am long on the stocks as well.

I admit that my initial posting may have been provoking to protectors of this forum. No FUD intended. I was shocked to see a $2000 card activity alert directly without any notification from Tesla. And frustrated that there was no way I can talk to a person to resolve this. I called the local showroom as well and they said they couldn't help me and gave the same toll free number. Tesla has still not responded.

Bighorn | 14 janvier 2020

I’m not sure why they answer the 800 number for me and not others. I’m sure it’s not caller ID. I’ve had two 30 minute calls within the last month and one was on December 31st, likely their busiest day of the year. Draper seems pretty well staffed currently.

Magic 8 Ball | 14 janvier 2020

@ICEMELT You will have to decide how much time to give it. I understand the not wanting to cancel the CC, it must be a new requirement or something your CC does. Twice, while overseas, I had a card blocked by the CC (Visa) because they detected "unusual" activity. It was a PIA to get up and running again but, through the CC, they got me going again (nothing on my credit report) within 24 hr.

Personally I would go through the CC, if I were sure I did not accidentally place the order, so that an investigation can take place. If there is something in Tesla's process that allows for "accidental" charges they CC company can help them fix holes in their bucket.

ICEMELT | 14 janvier 2020

@Bighorn when I called it was just automated messages ultimately pointing me to 'Contact page'. I tried calling on Monday as well. I didn't have a '0' to talk type option. Which number did you call? Different numbers may have different routing script.

andy.connor.e | 14 janvier 2020

Ya i mean, if Tesla is not going to literally allow you to talk to someone to resolve it then i'd just do the CC dispute even though its kind of a pain in the ass.

andy.connor.e | 14 janvier 2020


I dont need people to follow me. I just try to provide the best suggestion to solve the issue of people disrupting discussion. Thats been a pretty big topic on here the last year. People dont like disruption, and everyone always talks about how people like FISH spread misinformation. Since i've come to understand precisely what his intentions are, and become precise with his predictability, i offer a very simply solution to the community in which i value highly. And i basically see the same behavior in you. FISH is robotic, and you are more personal. You start drama and flare up peoples emotions, and let your opinion get in the way of discussion or perhaps learning something new. If you dont care, you dont care. Thats that. You dont have to, but i can point it out and make it obvious as i have many many times on numerous threads. I dont need a following group, and its not about control because im not telling people what to do. Im just showing people what it is, they can decide for themselves as many have. Some even come to the conclusion themselves without me just by talking to you because its very obvious. I do it because i value this community. But you, you dont care. Please continue on.

Magic 8 Ball | 14 janvier 2020

"Please continue on."

Thanks for your permission (rolleyes). Your bait is not working, try switching out.

Bighorn | 14 janvier 2020

877 798-3752

ICEMELT | 14 janvier 2020

All said and done, if what @ksrehman said is true, it could happen to anyone. Even if this was a pocket order, I have no way to find out.

Tesla should consider implementing multi-step upgrade ordering process.

Magic 8 Ball | 14 janvier 2020

This, seems like a situation that could be taken advantage of if Tesla simply backs out the transaction based on customer saying it was "unauthorized". People have been wanting try before they buy and if it is as simple as buying and then claiming "unauthorized" it seems like a shady way to get a free trial.

ICEMELT | 14 janvier 2020

@Bighorn I just called this number and wen through the prompts. Still the same 'Contact us' page at the end. I guess the only way to talk to a real person is to go through the emergency road side assistance option (which I didn't select any time)

ICEMELT | 14 janvier 2020

@M8B, I agree on the possibility of misuse. Tesla should do everything to prevent it. Implementing 2-factor is one option which can't be easily brushed under 'unauthorized'. In this particular case It wouldn't be so difficult for Tesla to offer free trial for a day or so. However, it would be a bad press if lot of people file 'unauthorized' charge with their CC

Magic 8 Ball | 14 janvier 2020

@ICEMELT I have read a few stories of people accidentally ordering cars, it has me on my toes every time I use the interface : ).

Hmm, in this particular case, eh!

WW_spb | 14 janvier 2020

Icemelt , when you get a hold on Tesla rep please tell them to upgrade their purchasing verification system so others wouldn't have to deal with it.

Magic 8 Ball | 14 janvier 2020

" would be a bad press if lot of people file 'unauthorized' charge with their CC"

That is how these things come to a head. Dunno if you were here for the "dan" drama but he found an issue (a legit issue) and did not get reaction from Tesla until he went to the media). Bad actors all around but an important data point for me.

derotam | 15 janvier 2020
Joshan | 15 janvier 2020

I ordered FSD by mistake when it was $2. Decided to just keep it. The one click to buy got me!

derotam | 15 janvier 2020

$2 huh? now that would have been a STEAL!

Joshan | 15 janvier 2020

2k :P

Effopec | 15 janvier 2020

If I got the performance upgrade by mistake I'd probably pretend I didn't see it. Then if my wife happens to see my card statement I can honestly say I didn't do it.

rob | 15 janvier 2020

"I ordered FSD by mistake when it was $2. Decided to just keep it. The one click to buy got me!"

I can relate to that. I ordered a M3 Performance by mistake ($2500 deposit). I was comparing prices against my LR AWD and clicked Next one too many times.

Investigated every possible way to keep it but had to cancel. Tesla was great about refunding.

andy.connor.e | 15 janvier 2020

Wow i just read that customer support reply where the person said it was equivalent to buying an addition on your house and asking the contractor for a refund.

That person should not be working customer support wtf? A rather significant disconnect with understanding SOFTWARE downloads vs intensive labor that cannot be undone. Disable the software the same way it was enabled. Damn Tesla, get your shit together.

andy.connor.e | 15 janvier 2020

Just removed my payment method from my account. I also did not authorize Tesla to save my payment method. In which i was not asked to.

conflicted20 | 22 février 2020

I just had a similar experience to ICEMELT. I received an email stating that I had purchased the FSD (full self driving) upgrade for my model 3, and the next day there was a charge of $7550 on my credit card on file with Tesla. I did not purchase the upgrade and neither did anyone in my family. It wasn't a "pocket click". I think it was an app malfunction. I did use the app to open the FRUNK the day before receiving the upgrade email. I have tried numerous times to reach a human at Tesla who can help me but have had no luck. The last Tesla phone rep I spoke to said I had to submit a request through their e-mail support page which I did yesterday. He said it could take a week for them to get back to me. I also called Citibank but would have to request a chargeback and cancel my credit card if I go that route. Hopefully, Tesla will do the right thing and resolve this, but I am very disappointed and not too optimistic.

Lonestar10_1999 | 22 février 2020

@andy.connor.e - if you remove the payment method from your account, how can you fuel up at the Supercharger?

FISHEV | 22 février 2020

"@andy.connor.e - if you remove the payment method from your account, how can you fuel up at the Supercharger?"

He doesn't own a Tesla so he doesn't know what you are talking about. He doesn't know what he's talking about.

yudansha™ | 22 février 2020

If he put a deposit on a CT then he has an account with saved card info.

rxlawdude | 22 février 2020

@conflicted, you shouldn't have to replace your credit card number because of a disputed charge.

landoncube | 22 février 2020

But is it fast though?

TeslaYVR | 22 février 2020

I just removed my credit card from my account a few minutes ago just to be safe. Before I installed my home wall connector I used super chargers without a credit card on my account. I was able to charge up to about $65 in accumulated fees and then I got locked out electronically. I then added credit card and paid the amount owing. I think removing credit card will still allow owners to supercharge up to a certain amount and then they can pay the balance and remove the card again.

lbowroom | 22 février 2020

Don’t have FSD and have absolutely 0% concern that it could be ordered without an intentional action from me.

evelynpla1 | 23 février 2020

I had a $2K charge on my card as well, looks like it was the same date as yours (mine appeared on Jan. 10). I had a fraud issue with my card 2 days before - the card was cancelled, not by me but by my card issuer (Citi). I am just now getting to download my transactions into my accounting software and saw the charge. Went to the Tesla website, but no phone number provided for upgrade refunds, and it says there is a 48 hour window only for refunds. I did dispute the charge with Citi, but was still baffled and frustrated so I went searching for answers online and found your post. Thought it was really strange that yours was on the same day as mine - wondering if there's anyone else out there that this also happened to? Doesn't look like it from the thread following your post, but I still wanted to put this out here....