Mobile Wireless Charger for the S

Mobile Wireless Charger for the S

Anyone using a wireless charger in your Tesla? What works the best?

reed_lewis | 13 janvier 2020

What are you charging wirelessly? If you are talking about the car, then those are expensive and inefficient.

If it for a phone and you have a Model 3, then I used this one that works quite well for me.

nipper2 | 13 janvier 2020

No I have an S but it looks great

nipper2 | 14 janvier 2020

I was thought they would come out with something like the one they have for the 3

reed_lewis | 15 janvier 2020

I purchased this item

for My model S (I had to get the vent mount version because I have wood paneling on my dash) and it works quite well. It comes with a magnetic square you can use on the back of a phone/case.

I have not hidden the cable run yet, but it holds the phone up perfectly, and it is to the right of the main screen.

nipper2 | 16 janvier 2020

@reed_lewis Thanks I will check it out

akikiki | 16 janvier 2020

No one cares, but, I am afraid to use these type mounts. Any of them. Sure, sure, nice to have the phone at eye level, and hands free so to speak. But not worth the risk. But I close my eyes and I see the phone flying at my face like a missile when someone runs into me in my car. And I predict after it hits me its not going to be within arms reach so I can call for help. Even those more permanently attached are unlikely to 'stay put" when someone hits us at 40+ mph.

GoldAK47 | 20 janvier 2020

my vents were destroyed by these stupid mounts. Now $500 to repair the damage of it.