Cybertruck t-shirts on sale

Cybertruck t-shirts on sale

There are now a Cybertruck t-shirt, sweatshirt, and hat available for sale. The site was slooow when I ordered it a short time ago, so be patient if they're still having issues.

Magic 8 Ball | 14 janvier 2020

Is there any way to prevent accidental ordering? Asking for a friend.

SamO | 14 janvier 2020

Shirt secured.

CharleyBC | 14 janvier 2020

Cybershirt. All angles. Only stainless. Impenetrable (except windows).

Ross1 | 14 janvier 2020

Really, I want a T shirt with my order no on it, and referral no too maybe.

andy.connor.e | 15 janvier 2020

I like that Tesla can have a sense of humor about themselves

yudansha™ | 15 janvier 2020

What happened to the notion of being eco-friendly? Buy less of clothing is the most environmentally friendly.

SamO | 15 janvier 2020

Then wearing no clothing is the most eco friendly.


yudansha™ | 15 janvier 2020

Cotton is not the most green fabric. They could have chosen eco-friendly fibers instead of cotton if they truly cared.

andy.connor.e | 15 janvier 2020

Like bamboo

Bighorn | 15 janvier 2020

I thought they sold out

Bighorn | 15 janvier 2020

I guess just the normal sizes

jordanrichard | 15 janvier 2020

"They could have chosen eco-friendly fibers instead of cotton if they truly cared." such as................?

andy.connor.e | 15 janvier 2020


yudansha™ | 15 janvier 2020

It would be a lot nicer if Tesla sold some of its stuff made of renewable/eco-friendly material. | 15 janvier 2020

Yep, the shirt should be glass - made from sand!

kevin_rf | 15 janvier 2020

Poison ivy fibers are what real tough and eco-friendly Cybertruck men wear.

(Btw. Just for good measure I eat it every spring to keep up the immunity)

andy.connor.e | 15 janvier 2020

strangely i have never been allergic to poison ivy, but my entire family would get rashes just by looking at it.

yudansha™ | 15 janvier 2020

@kevin_rf You eat cybertrucks each spring? How many is a good amount in your opinion?