No text messages coming through to Tesla

No text messages coming through to Tesla

Running 2019.40.50.7 software.
Phone: Android 10 - OnePlus 7Pro

I have turned on the messaging ability for Tesla, but I don't see messages coming through or syncing. I even made sure the Tesla app on my phone had adequate permissions (though it doesn't ask for access to Messages). I'm not even getting a tone when a message comes in like the setting option says.

Can anyone suggest some next steps for troubleshooting?

jd4714 | 22 janvier 2020

Tap the Bluetooth icon at the upper right part of the screen in your car and follow the directions.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 22 janvier 2020

What type of phone? For mine I had to enable Bluetooth notifications (in the phone menus).

waynekwal | 22 janvier 2020

@jd4714 all three toggles are turned on for BT on the Tesla, including messages. I also checked my phone BT, and it says Tesla has permission to pull messages. Sadly, no change.

@M-A-B-MCMLXXX Phone: Android 10 - OnePlus 7Pro

Thanks for the suggestions so far, any more?

teslamazing | 22 janvier 2020

Check Bluetooth settings on your phone. On iPhone we have to click on “Tesla model 3” in Bluetooth settings and toggle on “show notifications”

waynekwal | 22 janvier 2020

@teslamazing, I did that as well. I see in the troubleshooter the next step is to reboot the Tesla software, I'll try that next.

EVRider | 22 janvier 2020

Make sure you followed all the instructions in the release notes. There are several steps so it's easy to mess one up.

waynekwal | 23 janvier 2020

Further testing. I Rebooted the Tesla, then went through the release notes step by step and made sure they were all configured, on both the Tesla side, and the phone Bluetooth side.

No luck. Contacts work, but not Texts. Any other suggestions?

sidetracked1 | 24 janvier 2020

No idea if my experience will apply - but...

I was having the same problem with my iPhone. From the day I got the car in December, texts were just a dead issue - in or out. I tried everything, did an online chat with Tesla, then a phone call. They said it wasn't an uncommon issue, and they would get back to me. Never did.

But while I was waiting I updated the operating system on my phone and it's worked pretty consistently since. Not perfect, but good.

No idea why it was an issue before, since it's an X, so pretty new. But it made all the difference...

sidetracked1 | 24 janvier 2020

To clarify - the phone is an X, not my car! The car is a P3.

EVRider | 24 janvier 2020

@waynekwal: I don’t know if it matters, but make sure background app refresh is enabled for the Tesla app. If the phone key is working, it’s probably enabled.

Are the missing text messages coming directly to your phone number or via some third-party app?

gmr6415 | 24 janvier 2020

@waynekwal, just a note, and this is using IOS 13.3. My texts don't sync, that is texts already on the phone don't show up in the car. The only texts that come up on the car are those that come in while driving on the current trip.

I thought mine wasn't working, and I sent a text to my wife and had her reply (pre-arranged). That showed me it was working. Secondly at least in my circumstances there is no notification...chime anything when I send a text to acknowledge it was sent. They are being sent though.

I'm assuming these little glitches will be fixed in future updates.

jfaubl | 25 janvier 2020

Time to call Tesla support.

Good point on third party apps. My messenger texts come through but not WhatsApp.

They do need a chime for a sent message and have that text show up on the cars screen. I sent three "No." texts to a question yesterday. I only realized that when I got home. I thought they weren't going through.

MichMan | 25 janvier 2020

I had texting working, but it recently is gone. I will have to fiddle with it to see what I did. I may have turned the blue tooth off and that messed it up. However, the music is still working through the iPhone. Wish they would just do the apple CarPlay or make it an option.

waynekwal | 12 février 2020

Update, for anyone else that has this issue. I spent a lot of time troubleshooting, and discovered the issue was that I use Signal as my SMS manager. Well, Signal uses its own encrypted database for ALL messages it gets, not just Signal messages. I switched to an app that stores SMS in the common SMS database on the phone and now everything works. (of note, that means you don't have to use the crappy default Messages on Android)

So if you use Signal or any other app that encrypts SMS messages in its own database, you won't be able to see incoming texts.

torg | 20 février 2020

mine worked fine when the first Tesla S/W version that had it, but then quit working after the next S/W update to 2020.4.1. Same One+ 5 phone, no change to settings. Bug report in.