Home and Work callibration

Home and Work callibration


Both my Home and Work addresses seem slightly out on Satnav. So when I arrive at either destination, the satnav thinks it still has 100ft or so to go. This means when I get back in the car again, it doesn't automatically default to home (if I'm leaving work). I have to cancel the nav (which is still trying to get to the last 100ft to Work)and set my home location manually. Is there a way to set "current location" as Home or Work, rather than type in the address? Or have I got a calibration glitch and it should be more accurate?



EVRider | 11 février 2020

When setting the Home location (and I assume Work), you need to use an address. If the address location is incorrect in Google Maps, you can report that to Google and they’ll fix it. If the Google location is correct, you can try specifying a different address closer to where you want to go.

hokiegir1 | 11 février 2020

I have this problem as well, since the address for my complex points to our clubhouse -- and I can't enter my unit number as part of the address to tell it I don't have to go that far. Work also has 3 entrances and only one of them is listed -- so my "disable Sentry at work" doesn't seem to trigger. Would be nice if there were a "remember this location" instead of the address. I've also seen someone suggest What3Words integration, which would also solve the problem.

jdcollins5 | 11 février 2020

I have heard others say to touch the map at the location that you want and create a place of interest (?). Then rename it to Home or Work.

Disclaimer: I have no idea if this works. Just a suggestion.

hokiegir1 | 11 février 2020

@jdcollins - We tried everything for home. I think we spent 45 minutes in the car messing with various things to try to get it to save our parking spot instead of the clubhouse -- including pulling up the charging locations and trying to use that to create the new place.

jdcollins5 | 11 février 2020

@hokiegir1 - OK. Thanks for the feedback.

edwardjstewart | 13 février 2020

We struggle this at work with various nav/gps systems - the address lat/lon is not always where you actually want to go, especially on a large property.

Two more things you may want to try if you haven't already:
1 - Enter the actual GPS coordinates in the nav, then set that as a favorite (idk if this is possible in the Tesla nav). If you need the GPS coords, you can get this via Google Maps in a browser, drop a pin, then right-click and pick "What's here?"
2 - Keep entering close-by but likely bogus addresses and see if you can get closer. I had to do this with my Work location because the parking garage address and the entrance didn't line up, so it tried to drive me around the block because one-way streets. Unlikely to work on a large property without additional public street names, though.