Tesla Contact Support

Tesla Contact Support

I need some help in figuring out how to contact Tesla support. I tried to contact the service center but it won’t accept my call and says to use the app. I went to the app but it doesn’t allow any questions. I sent a question last week to Tesla but they have never responded (I have sent three emails on issues I had with my M3 but have only received a reply once).

I have a question on an upcoming service appointment and the web site has a “Chat with us” selection but the “Ask a Question” on the Tesla web site does not seem to work. I select “Tesla Service and Repair” and then select “Schedule, Modify, or Cancel Service Appointment” but no form appears to enter a question. I can only select “Done” which takes me out of the contact us form.

Any suggestions?

Resist | 11 février 2020

I'm in the same boat. I can't stand that Tesla doesn't let us talk to a real person at their service centers now. They really need to get their crap together with service and customer support.

I made an appointment for tomorrow to get HW3 installed in my car, everyone said Tesla will contact me when I can get HW3 but I took a chance and scheduled it via the app figuring they would cancel my appointment if they couldn't do it. I keep getting emails and text reminding me of my appointment, so I will assume I'm good to go. However, I'm kind of worried they won't be able to give me HW3 yet and I will have driven the 2 hours to get there for nothing. So I wanted to take to someone to confirm. Plus I'm hearing they will most likely need my car overnight, so I'm going to need a loaner and wanted to check on that because I don't want Uber credits.

DiminishedSeventh | 11 février 2020

The only way I’ve found to get a hold of someone at the service center is to check on an existing service appointment. I believe when you call, it’s prompt 2, and then 1. Good luck!

Magic 8 Ball | 11 février 2020

@Resist Let's play this out. You get confirmation from someone, let's say his name is Elon. You get there and appointment was cancelled. Now what, are you going to yell at Elon? Shit happens and the end result is the same.

The process is streamlined so that Tesla can get more of the fine product out as quickly as possible and not waste time with "concern" calls.

randallgrayevans | 11 février 2020

As usual, Magic 8 Ball is trolling again.

Out of frustration I finally went to the Service Center and they agreed it's impossible to get a hold of the Service Center via telephone and recommended to just drive over and talk to someone. They were not aware that the Contact Form on the web site isn't working, but there is nothing they can do about it.

I did get confirmation that the HW3 upgrade will take 1 to 2 days to complete and they only give Uber credits now, no loaners. This is all I wanted to know. Reasonable questions in my opinion (but surely not in Magic 8 Ball's opinion).

The service center also confirmed that they are doing a lot of HW3 upgrades now.

Magic 8 Ball | 11 février 2020

Truth is a bitch for some.

AWDTesla | 11 février 2020

@randallgrayevans thats too bad, one thing that I love about Tesla service and I completely realize its pretty unique to me is having my service guy available through text messaging. I send him pics of whats wrong with the car and he just tells me whats to select in the app to get it looked at asap. Cant say any other make was like this.

DiminishedSeventh | 11 février 2020

@AWDTesla agreed. I went through 3 separate service advisors before one finally gave me his direct line to text or call for issues or updates. I guess it just depends on who you get.

roccosima | 11 février 2020

This is bullshit! What other luxury car manufacturer doesn't take service related calls?! Just wait until the EV competition ramps up.

Magic 8 Ball | 11 février 2020

It is a model many are starting to adopt. There are too many people that want to tell a long story before getting the core of what matters. Requiring some written input first helps people on the other end help you quicker by not having to listen to someone else go on and on about unrelated matters.

Not everyone wants to pay the extra money required for "red carpet" service. How much extra would you pay for the treatment you want?

BobDobbs | 11 février 2020

@M8B - What weird Tesla is never wrong happyland do you live in? No one's asking for a massage and movie at the service center, just to be able to ask a question about an upcoming service appointment, like how long will my car be gone, will I have a ride home, etc. I can do that at the Mazda dealership my wife's 17k car goes to, and no one would describe that place as giving "red carpet" treatment.

It really is OK to acknowledge that there is room for improvement in the Tesla ownership experience. I promise, it's OK.

Magic 8 Ball | 11 février 2020

@BobDobbs Give me a break. People will spend all kinds of time bitching and moaning about how the car is a POS leaving them embarrassed or pissed off and I have witnessed too many CS scenarios where a CS agent had to be more therapist than anything else.

I am fine with what I paid and the service they provide. Yes, there is room for improvement but everyone has different expectations.

So realizing the state of reality I propose a compromise "fix" is to offer and additional "red carpet" service where a live person is reachable for an extra fee. Maybe offer bronze, silver and gold plans? Bronze gets you connected to someone in India after spending 10 minutes in a phone tree and queue. Silver gets you into phone tree and queue but you talk to someone in USA or Europe. Gold gets you a direct line to Elon Musk. Help me with appropriate pricing for the ultimate in flexible service choices.

yudansha™ | 11 février 2020

They usually contact you a day or two before your appointment via text message. Reply to it with your questions. They do receive those though sometimes they do not answer. I have email addresses of couple people at SC too just in case.

BobDobbs | 11 février 2020

@M8B: Every other car company makes it work and the world continues to turn. The fact that you're OK with it doesn't mean the average customer is, so I guess congratulations on being a cheap date?

Magic 8 Ball | 11 février 2020

@BobDobbs Because you are not okay with it does not mean the average person is same as you, so right back at you.

I avoid high maintenance people and since Tesla sells cars as fast as they make them it seems to work for them also.

Haggy | 11 février 2020

I'm fine using the app to schedule appointments. I am not fine without having a way to call a person when my car is in service and have somebody pick up the phone.

BobDobbs | 11 février 2020

@M8B: Given I've been lurking here for a year or two I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but really it is like talking to a wall of irrationality. You're really saying with a straight face that it makes perfect sense that there's no reliable way to contact service before (and maybe even during) a service appointment and no one should be concerned about that?

Yes Tesla are selling zillions of cars because the cars are great. People are pointing to one aspect of the ownership experience that is objectively worse than at many/all other car companies and could be improved. Other aspects of the service experience are much better than at other companies, and that's peachy, but that doesn't mean people can't point out areas for improvement.

Magic 8 Ball | 11 février 2020

Why would you need to talk to someone while car is in service?
They contact you if more information needs to be shared or needed.

Magic 8 Ball | 11 février 2020

@BobDobbs Yes, many people do not like change but for Tesla and most businesses it makes perfect sense. My local Ford dealer has gone to leave a message with voicemail and they get back to you, as well. I already agreed everything has room for improvement. The reduction of time wasting nonsense on the phone is a tremendous improvement for the bottom line.

It really is a lump it or leave it situation. You can whine all you like but this is the way it is and it is this way for good reason.

BobDobbs | 11 février 2020

I can think of like a dozen scenarios I might like to have the option. Maybe I live a long way from the service center, I haven't heard anything mid-afternoon, and I want to make sure the car will be ready by the end of the day like they said? Maybe I just haven't heard anything at all because there was a contact snafu (as happens occasionally in any place staffed by humans) and I want to find out if the car is ready? Maybe I forgot to report an aspect of the issue they're looking at that might be helpful in diagnosing?

The theoretical argument that "people might call/contact too much and that makes me sad" would be fine except that, again, any other garage or service center makes it work. Tesla are scaling up to dealing with service on tons of 3s so maybe this lack of contact is a temporary issue while they scale, but arguing this is 100% OK forever just seems kind of silly.

Magic 8 Ball | 11 février 2020

It is not about YOU.
The business model chosen was not done in a vacuum.
You are correct the model is fluid and they may have to react to those that need pampering in the future but for now it is perfectly functional for most, IMO.
Whiners always whine it is not good enough for them.
Put your money where you mouth is and don't buy or sell if you own.

BobDobbs | 11 février 2020

Good lord, not sure what to say to that silliness. Not sure how any rational person would construe those basic suggestions as "whining" or needing "pampering," but then again those of us around for a while have watched you send dozens of screaming frothing posts trying to argue that moving heat with a heat pump can't ever in any universe be more efficient than resistive heating, despite others trying desperately to talk you through it while you called them stupid etc. So we've been here before.

I know this won't be the first time you've heard this, but seriously: seek counseling.

wayne | 11 février 2020

I suspect it’s a problem with rapid growth. We had the delivery crisis. Now we have a service crisis, exacerbated by the need to get every FSD car in for HW3. Ouch. Hopefully at some point they will hire more service managers to answer the phones.

Magic 8 Ball | 11 février 2020

"Basic suggestions", really?

You are suggesting going backwards to a business model doomed for failure. The world has passed you by. There is no more going to Sam at the hardware store to walk you through your marriage issues. You get put into a phone tree and you end up realizing maybe it is easier to try and read the manual.

You are exaggerating the heat pump "argument". The discussion on efficiency was in context of application in a car where cabin volume in small and heat loss is huge, especially getting in and out. Conflating efficiency of heat pump in practical application with heat pump in an impractical application is more nonsense, but thanks for showing more of where your head is at.

walnotr | 11 février 2020

I have had my share of service needs and have had good communication prior to actually bringing in the car. Scheduling through the app has always resulted in communication from the service center prior to the appointment. Last year the closest SC was four hours away (now only 2 hours) and before each appointment I was contacted before either via email or text. I was able to confirm parts were on hand before making the long drive, and in the most recent case, contacted and was given the option to bring the car in early.

I know I am not able to pick up the phone and talk to a service manager but on the one occasion I did need to talk directly to someone, I called the service phone number and after a wait was able to explain why I needed to talk directly the manager. My call was put through to the SC and everything was fine. Sometimes you simply need a little patience to get results.

Bottom line, if you have a legitimate reason to contact a SC, it is not impossible to speak to someone. Otherwise leave them alone to work on your or someone else’s car. If there is a problem, they will contact you. Otherwise trust they are taking care of you even if they aren’t holding your hand.

gballant4570 | 11 février 2020

BTW, I have a loaner 2015 S 85 parked in my barn right now that I'll return in the morning to pick up my Model 3 that just got new HW3 and a windshield replacement.

Its nice to get some reassurance, but the fact is that customer maintenance takes time and resources. If you require a lot of it, buy a Mercedes. They specialize in taking high maintenance customer money..... and looking down on dirt bags like me that just bought a Smart car.....

DiminishedSeventh | 11 février 2020

I can see both sides of this argument. While I do agree that a lot of people need their hands held and a lot of CS time gets wasted that way, it needs to be balanced with people who have actual concerns. I think a lot of people will agree that the SC experience is probably one of the most complained-about parts of the Tesla experience, and there is always room for improvement. How can there be improvement if there’s no feedback?

Case in point: I made a service appointment through the app for some paint work (there was an imperfection in the top coat and some bubbling that they agreed to fix at delivery). Made the appointment 2 weeks out as that was the earliest available. Filled out everything correctly, including choosing “paint/dent” or whatever the actual name of that drop down item is. Brought my car in for my service appointment just to have the rep tell me “we can’t take your car, we have to make an appointment with the body shop first and they’re full for at least a week.” Umm... why couldn’t they have done that in the 2 weeks since I made the appointment? And why did nobody review the service appointments and tell me not to come in? So I wasted half a day of work to take my car in and not even have them take it. Not to mention having to take more time off to bring it in again. I get that every SC is different and this may have been a fluke, but I should still be able to call the SC and talk to someone when needed.

I do agree that some sort of screening method is needed, whether it be an online form or a “leave a voicemail” type thing, but Tesla’s system is inconsistent at best, and even when I have left voicemails at my SC, they have never returned a call. During my last visit, the service rep gave me his direct cell, and I’ve had no issues with communication since, but I’m sure that’s a rare case.

KLemMer | 12 février 2020

Absolutely amazing how some people think it’s perfectly ok to have no proper (after)sales and/or support. We’re talking about serious money, not a few thousand bucks for some backpack on wheels. Tesla’s customer service is a nightmare and I’m absolutely sure they know it. But the fanboys still don’t ...

walnotr | 12 février 2020

I admit I’m a fanboy. I’m a fanboy for good reason. I was delivered a car that performs better with every OTA upgrade, have received excellent response to service needs and continue to enjoy my driving experience. What I can’t understand is those who think their expectations are the norm for all Tesla owners. Every interaction I have had with this company has shown a willingness to make good on every promise made about the car and and the desire to continuously improve the product. I am willing to give Tesla the benefit of the doubt when I hear the naysayers drone on about how horrible the service/delivery/quality/communication is because that has not been my experience.

I have no doubt complaints are real. I also have no doubt the vast majority of owners enjoy the ownership experience and have no complaints. This is a new way of providing transportation from a relatively new company and there are growing pains for sure. The problems are being addressed as quickly and a viably as possible.

Yes, I am a fanboy and proud of it.

Magic 8 Ball | 12 février 2020

I think it is amazing how some people claim there is no proper (after)sales and/or support. There are over 500K customers that are fine with the support. Sure some people get a bum experience sometimes but then they are sure to come here and whine that the sky is falling and ALL of Tesla support is crap.

WW_spb | 12 février 2020

You can literally set up appointment for any thing wrong with your car via app. What else do you want? Hot line with India to troubleshoot for few hours bc you dumb?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 12 février 2020


roccosima wailed, "...other luxury car manufacturer..."

Other? Ah. Notice the OP does NOT mention WHERE they are... Tell me, what 'other automobile manufacturer' is effectively banned from sales and service operations in around two dozen States due to the actions of crony politicians and regulators who prevent Tesla employees from speaking directly to Customers about any problem resolution issues as a matter of policy or the law in order to 'protect' the interests of 'independent franchised dealerships' that have NO CONTRACTS with them and never have?

And for future reference...? Tesla is NOT a 'luxury car manufacturer' to begin with. They build Expensive Performance Economy cars. They all cost more than the average sale price of NEW cars sold in the U.S. They are all fun to drive. They all 'Don't burn no gas!'

Tesla is limited, restricted, and most of all... BUSY. All their attempts to make buying and servicing their cars easier, more convenient, exceptional, are stymied on many fronts. Such as the Great State of Colorado, which forbade Tesla to expand beyond two locations to cover the ENTIRE State. Or New Jersey and Pennsylvania, which both placed a four location limit on Tesla. Or New York, which still claims Tesla cannot expand beyond five locations to cover the ENTIRE State. Restrictions that do NOT exist for ANY other automobile manufacturer, foreign or domestic.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 12 février 2020


Representatives of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) laughingly claim this is to 'protect' Consumers from imagined wrongdoing by automobile manufacturers. They say they want 'fair competition' at sales points, like Texas. Where Tesla is currently not allowed to gain a dealers license, even though they had one prior to 2013... when their sales numbers were very, very low. Insignificant. Unnoticed.

But, again, no one else is restricted from expansion within those States. In Texas for instance, there are...

(Independent Franchised Dealerships)
268 ___ Ford
238 ___ Chevrolet
194 ___ Chrysler
_85 ___ Cadillac
_80 ___ Lincoln

_31 ___ Mercedes-Benz
_28 ___ BMW
_17 ___ AUDI

_14 ___ Acura
_14 ___ INFINITI
_14 ___ Lexus

See? Ford, Chevrolet, and Chrysler EACH has MORE sales locations within TEXAS ALONE than Tesla has in the ENTIRE NATION. However, somehow the Tesla Model 3 (161,100 units) outsold EVERY PASSENGER CAR, except the Ford FUSION (166,045 units), offered by each of those brands during 2019. So, Tesla is doing just fine without... the 'services' of 'independent franchised dealerships'. But for some, as yet unexplained reason, with all that potential 'competition' out there, it would somehow be 'unfair' for Tesla to have even ONE sales location within the Great State of Texas. Or Michigan, or Utah, or Iowa.

You don't have to believe me, but It's true...

Yahoo! Finance | Why you can't buy a Tesla in these states

Reno Gazette Journal | Why Tesla was kicked out of Iowa

EcoWatch | Why You Can't Buy a Tesla in These 6 States

ReD eXiLe ms us | 12 février 2020

roccosima b!zz@tched further, "Just wait until the EV competition ramps up."

Dude. Really? Pay attention. Tesla's 'competition' is the ENTIRE ICE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY. Not just fabled (mostly nonexistent) 'EV competition'. [DANG].

Wait. You want me to 'just wait'...? I have been [FARKIN'] waiting for the past thirty [GOLDURNED] years for someone, anyone, to match, or surpass what General Motors showed at the 1990 Los Angeles Auto Show in the GM IMPACT Show Car. To date no one among traditional conventional legacy ICE automobile manufacturers has done so. Sure, five years ago, Porsche showed the absolutely stunning vision of... 'The FUTURE!' that was the Mission•e Concept. But let's face it, the POS Taycan is NOT that car at all. Not in range, not in performance, not in charging speed, not in reality. Yeah, sure, the Taycan is an enormous improvement beyond the AUDI R8 e-tron hybrid limited edition ridiculously expensive oft-delayed POS Hybrid, but that ain't saying much really.

People have been saying, "Just wait..." for a long, long time. I'm sick and tired of waiting for these guys to seriously DO IT. If you are simply DONE, your patience has 'worn thin', and you 'just can't deal with it anymore'...? Just how the [FLOCK] do you think I feel, Man?

And for the past seven-to-eight years we have been told by Experts Pundits, ANALysts, Skeptics, Contrarions, Trolls, and others what Tesla 'just can't do', never with evidence or example or even experience. Those guys, too, have said, "Tesla only seems impressive because they have the whole matket to themselves, they are working with a captive audience, but just you wait, once Tesla sees true competition, in the electric space, by the BIG BOYS who really know how to build luxury cars, they'll fold in no time." Result? And they were WRONG, EVERY TIME, ALL THE TIME. For precisely the reason I said all along. NONE of the 'other luxury automobile manufacturers' are willing to give up on ICE. They are more concerned about making money in the short term than they are about producing exceptional vehicles over the long term. No one wants to take on the perceived 'risk' of moving wholly or substantialy to electric vehicles. Instead, they want to make 'bavy steps' while going nowhere and hoping that someone, somewhere, among third party suppliers manages to come up with SOMETHING to SAVE the internal combustion engine at the last minute.

Screw those guys, Man.

KLemMer | 12 février 2020

“You can literally set up appointment for any thing wrong with your car via app. “

And then they literally canceled the appointment, without any notification. The (automated) confirmation was quickly sent, but that cancellation, of course done by a real person, was an epic fail.

I took a day off for that “service”, after all it was confirmed.

Their service is a joke.

WW_spb | 12 février 2020

If you say their service is a joke it must be so. Sarcasm

lbowroom | 12 février 2020


How about some details. What was the service appointment for? Why was it cancelled(parts not in stock, etc)? Or does none of that matter in your opinion?

KLemMer | 12 février 2020


That’s absolutely irrelevant. It’s common courtesy to at least inform the client why a confirmed appointment has been cancelled. Their cars are fun, I love to drive mine every day. But they still have a lot to learn about how to take their customers seriously.

1scallawag | 12 février 2020

I just had HW3 installed in my 2018 M3P+ I just schedule it with the app and took it in at the appointed time they gave me a brand new 2020 BMW as a loaner. They worked with a rental car company in my case. As far as getting in contact with the service department every time I have scheduled service they send me a text message. I have texted them and asked them to call me and got a call back in a short amount of time. I have two M3P cars and have used the service department four times with no problem. I have had a windshield replaced an alignment after I hit a curb and bent a rim the HW 3 installed and a rattle in the door fixed. Hey...face it they are not good at phone calls or emails! Play by their rules and you'll be happy! Use the app for service. If you want to talk to them respond the their text messages and ask for a call back. It works great for me. I like the setup.

Bighorn | 12 février 2020

Neurotic owners who kept bugging employees necessitated these changes. I've never had an issue in 6.5 years in getting necessary service. I don't bug people about irrelevant details though.

Magic 8 Ball | 12 février 2020


If I cancel a dentist appointment, a day before it is scheduled to happen, my dentist charges a cancellation fee. If my dentist cancels on me (happened recently) they say sorry and that's it (any associated story behind the reason they cancel is most likely personal and not my business). It has been that way forever and well understood.

So bummer for you but it is not normal for them to cancel abruptly even tho' people will take a few anecdotes posted on the internet to make a sound like it is and sorry is all they really owe you. If you make a stink maybe they will give you a free oil change or gas coupon.

B.K. | 16 février 2020

This will be the third time I take in my new car (12/23/19) for the same problem. My driver side tire loses 5 psi’s every week. Yes, tires are not covered under warranty but this is a new car and the tmps warning came on as I was driving home right after leaving the lot. The first time they just refilled it and looked for physical damage to put this on me. The second time they said that they tightened the stems. All of these visits were done at Dublin CA. The third appointment I’m trying the Fremont service center to see if I can get a better outcome. Their approach is costing us both time and money. As the OP mentioned, difficult getting a hold of anyone and email isn’t effective either, even to my original sales associate.

Bighorn | 16 février 2020

A leaking tire belongs at a tire shop.

Johnnyo1980 | 16 février 2020

Personally, I love the business model.

I hate calling people. I hate talking to machines (which is usually what you get nowadays anyways), and I hate waiting on hold.

Schedule it online, wait for confirmation, show up on the appointment date. Simple.

They’ll even make time for you in an emergency situation if they can. Long story short, I ran up on a curb to avoid hitting something that would have caused some serious damage to the front end. Ruined two wheels and tires on driver side.

I went straight to my service Center, told them what happened and they got me in immediately. Two hours later two brand new tires and wheels. I was quite pleased with the service.

Unfortunately, some people run into a bad situation and it leaves a sour taste in their mouth.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 16 février 2020

B.K.: So. You want new tires, then? Complete with newly calibrated TPMS? OK. Oh, wait... I don't work for Tesla. Sorry. You could try asking them, you know.

Johnnyo1980: Lemmeguess... too many hours wasted on hold with COMCAST, eh?

Johnnyo1980 | 16 février 2020

@ ReD eXiLe ms us

HAH! Among countless others.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 16 février 2020

Johnnyo1980: Yeah, I was not the least surprised when I learned COMCAST had 'won' the designation of 'Most Hated Company in America'. I had switched to DiSH NETWORK by then, though. ;-)

in7 | 16 février 2020

When you call the service center, press the button to speak to Sales.
When you want to chat with support, access the chat through the section having to do with Sales.

B.K. | 16 février 2020

ReD, if you had the same issue with your new car, what would you do? I just want it fixed. If that means the tire needs to be replaced they can make a warranty claim. It probably is as simple as a defective stem.

Scrannel | 16 février 2020

Got a flat -- roadside came, took my wheel, gave me theirs. Said SC would call next day. Did not and, as explained, SC is message only. So, I called roadside, they bumped me to a know-more person, who routed my call to the SC. SC then gave me their main number plus extension for general service. That all took less than twenty minutes. Took me all day, once, to get through to my Rover service.

Geico | 16 février 2020

Tesla service is terrible for this exact reason. I ended up canceling my latest service appointment because they billed me for a recurrent issue (squeaks) and the drive is over two hours. Couldn't call anyone so I just said F*CK it.

Exactly why I am buying a Mach E in a few years. Done with Tesla.