Fun with Autopilot

Fun with Autopilot

Ok, so I'm driving southbound on the 405 and I see this guy in my rear view who is so close I can smell his bad breath. I thought, "I got you, bud!"

I engaged Autopilot, and after I was sure she had the conn I put both hands behind my head. Tailgater stood on his brake pedal and backed off rapidly, smoke rising from his tires. I only wish I could have seen the look on his face.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 février 2020

Video or it did not happen ; ).

DiminishedSeventh | 13 février 2020

LOL please upload that Teslacam footage to YouTube!

spuzzz123 | 13 février 2020

So what was it about seeing your hands behind your head that freaked out the tailgater? Are you saying that the public has the perception that Teslas on autopilot have a problem with phantom braking, and therefore was nervous about being so close?

Sarah R | 13 février 2020

I don't think he realized that it was a Tesla that he was tailgating. I think he saw both hands of the wheel and thought, "Oh $4¡7!"

RedPillSucks | 13 février 2020

Oh! I thought you were giving the double finger over the head

vmulla | 13 février 2020

I wouldn't follow a Tesla unless I was on Autopilot myself.

Joshan | 13 février 2020

said it before and I will say it again. When people ask me "got an advice about Tesla" My response is "never tailgate one".

Not because phantom braking only though. It sees things multiple cars ahead and will slow hard before a person would in many cases catching them very off guard as they see no issue at that time.