To trade in or not to?

To trade in or not to?

Hello, I'm new to posting here but I have a somewhat random topic for the group. I have a 2016 Tesla Model X (75D), which I am very happy with. However, now with the extended range on an X at around 305-351 miles (compared to my ~220 Max on my 2016), would it be absolutely crazy to consider trading it in for a newer one? I always thought the lifetime supercharging on my 2016 was my logic to not even thinking about it, but now it looks like that's offered for free. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

Bighorn | 24 février 2020

Be prepared to be disappointed by Tesla’s trade in offer. If you are adept at selling privately, it’s probably a great idea.

Uncle Paul | 24 février 2020

Was in the same situation with my 75X. Shopped around. Got the lowest offer from Carmax to trade in. Then from Tesla and better from one of the wholesalers (Current in Chicago). Could have gotten even more (maybe) by selling myself, but went the easy wholesaler route for EZ-Peasy deal.

Buying a new RAVEN was Absolutely was the right move for me. Range went up way over 100 miles, charging is faster, car is faster, new adaptive suspension was a huge improvement. Long range included the BioDefense HEPA filter, new tires/brakes etc. Premium interior and sound system now standard. Bonus was getting a extra bit ($1875) Tax credit and fresh Section 179 business tax deduction.

For me, it was great value, and the 100 kWh battery is a pure luxury.
Best part, surprised me to be the new Adaptive Suspension. Makes the car so much better riding and handling. Quieter too.

amanda.cichon9 | 24 février 2020

AWESOME! Thanks so much guys!

RBats | 24 février 2020

@Uncle Paul - would you mind sharing the name of the wholesaler you used in the Chicago area? Tesla tradein values are awful so looking for alternatives. Thanks.

awodele | 26 février 2020

He mentioned it they are called current automotive and they are in Chicago