So many issues with Firmware 2020.8.1

So many issues with Firmware 2020.8.1

Ever since I updated to 2020.8.1 last week 3-20 I noticed immediately at least 3 problems...

1. Phantom braking on AP or TACC on freeway at 73 mph (now noticed sometime even every minute!)
2. Homelink doesn't auto open/close anymore (doesn't even hear the chime anymore)
3. App: manually stop charging stops charging... for 3 sec and then automatically switches back to continue charging! I had to move the slider into the green zone and then manually hit the button stop charging again.

Orthopod | 27 mars 2020

I haven’t got into my cars since the lockdown
Thanks for letting me know

I will wait till the next update and the end of the lockdown in 4 weeks :)

vmulla | 27 mars 2020

I think you need a two thumb reset. You'd hear a lot more about these issues on this forum if it was a software issue (think broken voice commands recently), I suspect you're experiencing a glitch that might be overcome with a reset.
Tangential topic: I did not have an opportunity to do much driving, but I thought the AP on 2020.8.1 was exceptionally good - it was that much more human-like.

Joshan | 27 mars 2020

People who get upset by bugs should NOT have their software preference set to advanced.

lbowroom | 27 mars 2020

I haven’t experienced any of those issues. Doctors are non essential these days?

Joshan | 27 mars 2020

Just set your software preference back to standard and rest assured you will see much less bugs. Some of us do not mind and want to help test.

JCTSLAM3 | 27 mars 2020

I think this is one of those bogus threads. I downloaded and installed 8.1, just got back from a 400+ mi road trip and the results were solid. We drove through hale and watched cars spin out and off the highway, with my hands on the wheel, the car slowed and swerved slightly onto the shoulder with no problem. Summon worked well. And, the orange cones were beautiful! (just got HW3 upgrade last week).

shonn.burton | 27 mars 2020

I bought a used Model 3 Performance and it was delivered on March 11. It came with 2020.4.1 but when I first got into the car there was an update ready for installation. After installing it I was on 2020.8.1, so this is really the only FW that I have used with the car. I have experienced the phantom breaking issue for sure, when testing out TACC and Enhanced Autopilot. However, I setup my homelink and it has been working perfectly. I also have not seen the app issue when pressing the Stop Charging button. I can't say that any of these issues are new to 2020.8.1 as I have no experience with previous versions, but I can confirm the phantom breaking issue.

Wilber | 27 mars 2020

Since i am temporarily in an apartment my car is too far from my wifi to download updates. This afternoon i moved the car to outside my office window and got a good connection. The car still said an update was avail for download and it was version 8 (or 8.1? I dont remember). However, I could not get it to download! so gave up and made an appt for service. an hour later a guy from the local Tesla SC phoned and said the problem is the 'update for vesrion 8 has been pulled'. He said he didnt know why, but i should just wait for another update. So, it looks like Tesla had IDd some bugs with version 8 that affect at least some vehicles..

shonn.burton | 27 mars 2020

"an hour later a guy from the local Tesla SC phoned and said the problem is the 'update for version 8 has been pulled'. He said he didnt know why, but i should just wait for another update."

Hmm that's odd, I just got notification of another update a few minutes ago, for version 2020.8.2. It's installing now. I hope it addresses the phantom breaking issue because that makes me not want to use Autopilot or TACC at all! Once it completed I'll take a look at the release notes and see what's new.

shonn.burton | 27 mars 2020

I just got in the car to check on the update status and the screen shows "Software updating to 2020.8.2. Updating Autopilot." Looks like changes are coming to autopilot for sure. There are lots of open threads today about the new FSD feature where Autopilot and TAAC will stop at red light and stop signs. I doubt that this would be that update as I only have Enhanced Autopilot and not FSD and also have HW 2.5. Guess I'll know more when the update completes.

shonn.burton | 27 mars 2020

Ok, update just completed and release notes only indicated 3 items: Track Mode Improvements, Bluetooth improvements and Improved Voice Commands. These 3 items were included in the 2020.8.1 update and it didn't give any information about what was fixed, just that these 3 areas have been improved. Weird that the screen would show Updating Autopilot but then there is no mention of any autopilot improvements at all. Kinda confusing...

billlake2000 | 27 mars 2020

I have had no problems since I renamed my car to COVID

Wilber | 27 mars 2020

shonn - thanks for the update re 8.2. I suspect Tesla doesnt want to admit they screwed up on the phantom braking thing. I dont expect notes for a given update to include EVERYTHING they changed or it could be very long and detailed. So, please let us know how your car drives now.

lbowroom | 27 mars 2020

AP is a driving aid. If the car is braking (not breaking) then apply your right foot gently to the throttle to correct. Not being a smart ass, I just know that it doesn’t occur to Some people that they have ultimate control over their speed with their right foot.

wolfy93 | 27 mars 2020

Bluetooth disconnect issue on 8.1. When my iphone has paired and connected, and stream music, then disconnect. Resetting tesla s/w is only way to repair it. It happened several times on 8.1 s/w version.

Orthopod | 28 mars 2020

No cases yet at my hospital
Contingency plan is sending all patient to the same 3 hospitals
All the orthopedic surgeries are cancelled to limit the walk in into the hospital

FISHEV | 28 mars 2020

StayThePhoqueHome | March 28, 2020 All the orthopedic surgeries are cancelled to limit the walk in into the hospital"

Same here. We do a few follow emergent on some guidelines worked out by council of all hospital groups in state. Keeps them out of the hospital where C19 will most likely be.

One our feeder rural hospitals is using time to make supplies, masks and gowns out of surgical pan wraps. Brilliant. Supplies are still a huge issue. Another reason to save it for the tsunami we see coming. Test, test kits, my Tesla for some test kits!!

FISHEV | 28 mars 2020

Mentioned in another thread we actually got a shipment out of China direct which is a really good sign the Asian supply chain is starting to recover.

jallred | 28 mars 2020

The hypocrite can’t stay on topic.

Magic 8 Ball | 28 mars 2020

EVIL FISHEV says everyone else should only talk Model 3 here. All I am seeing from him is Tesla bashing and non model 3 talk.


Lonestar10_1999 | 28 mars 2020

It would suck if FishEV died from Coronavirus. We would all miss giving him his well deserved cyber wedgies.

teslamazing | 28 mars 2020

Some of yall CLEARLY don't understand the difference between receiving ADVANCED updates vs STANDARD.


davidpereirocortes | 28 mars 2020

I have a sentry mode bug since 8.1. The car goes to sleep when it shouldn't and of course sentry is not triggered when someone approaches the car. In addition, no one at Tesla seems to be able to give me a solution on this bug and everybody tells me that in the next update will be fixed but not. Today I just got the 8.2 and same thing. I'm super concerned thinking that maybe is a hardware issue or something. What do you think? Is someone experiencing the same bug? Thanks a lot.

vmulla | 28 mars 2020

JCTSLAM3 | March 27, 2020
I think this is one of those bogus threads.

Not necessarily, sometimes a reset is all that's required to smooth out a few issues that happen after a software install.

bryan.whitton | 29 mars 2020

I can't believe it Magic 8 all is attacking FISHEV on this thread too. I try to stay here but these two in particular Magic 8 Ball is making it near impossible.

I really am wanting to stay here but the both of you are making it difficult. Magic 8 Ball, you are downright impossible. FISHEV has a right to an opinion, EVEN IF IT IS DIFFERENT THAN YOURS. If you don't like it express your opinion, ignore his opinion, I don't care. Keep the flames to yourself.

Magic 8 Ball | 29 mars 2020

@bryan Just download the chrome extension and block us, very simple. Instead you are now waging a war of your own, very annoying. (rolleyes).

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