Only ever driven an EV?

Only ever driven an EV?

I wonder how many young drivers are out there who have only ever driven an EV.

We're now about 8 years into the broader Tesla-Revolution that really started gaining momentum with the Model S, and I'm sure that there are many kids who have only ever *been driven* in an EV.

But, by now, I'm guessing there might be some lucky juniors, who drooled over the early Teslas as little kids and now have started driving - and were lucky enough to have access to enough funds to have a Tesla as their first car. Just like we saw a generation of kids grow up without ever putting a record on a turn table, there will be more and more of them who have never driven an ICE.

Does anyone here know one of these yet?

Tropopause | 23 mai 2020

Yes, my wife. :)

rob | 24 mai 2020

Seriously? I thought it be be a few more years for that to happen. Now I feel even older.

TabascoGuy | 25 mai 2020

Yes, a 19 year old kid a few houses down from me bought a Model 3 as his first new car. He works full time and goes to school full time. His dad told me that he hasn't helped his son financially in any way because "The M3 is the only car he wanted and he was determined to pay for it on his own".