I thought 16.2.1 would provide stop sign recognition. It doesn't in my model 3. My question, why not?

M3phan | 23 mai 2020

Do you have HW3 and fsd? If yes, have you toggled the feature on in AP menu?

billroger | 23 mai 2020

Such hard violent braking at stop signs. Much too aggressive.

sheldon.mike1010 | 23 mai 2020

re: red light/green light software feature:
In an urban setting with a stoplight every couple blocks, after several weeks of regularly using it, I've shut it off. Pain in the ass.

M3phan | 23 mai 2020

Violent? Mine stops smoothly at lights and signs alike. Bit violent at all.

M3phan | 23 mai 2020


jjgunn | 24 mai 2020

Works well on the Model X.

Not sure I like the braking at a green light but..... baby steps.

hzb | 24 mai 2020

stop signs work great for me. smooth. I want the braking at green lights and hope I can keep that feature. the local trauma unit gets a few T-bone accident victims every week. I never enter an intersection on a green light without slowing a bit and carefully looking both right/left.

M3phan | 24 mai 2020

If I were a betting man, I’ll bet you can keep that as an option, a lot like navigate on autopilot gives you the option on lane change Confirmation

rrutschman | 24 mai 2020

I have fsd but not the new computer.

stingray.don | 24 mai 2020


You will need HW3 for the new stoplight / stop sign functionality