Online reservations start now at 7:30 PST

Online reservations start now at 7:30 PST

Tesla has moved up the on line reservation time by an hour. As I write this, that means in 50 minutes. So, I can only assume they will create a separate part of the website like the MX, sans a picture, to place one's reservation.

SUN 2 DRV | 31 mars 2016

8:30 PDT is the same as 7:30 PST

Are you sure it changed?

Captain_Zap | 31 mars 2016

It says 7:30 at Elon moved the time up by an hour.

eric.whang | 31 mars 2016


dave | 31 mars 2016

How do we book a reservation? I can't find anywhere on to do it.

Captain_Zap | 31 mars 2016

I found the link at Log in to see the reveal and you can reserve on the same page.