If the base is $35,000, what will it cost fully loaded?

If the base is $35,000, what will it cost fully loaded?

Wondering since the base is $35,000 what will a fully loaded Model 3 cost?

Bighorn | 1 avril 2016

If it's similar to the S, probably twice that.

bheise | 1 avril 2016

Agree it could be around $70,000 fully loaded. Base X is $80,000 while a fully loaded one is approx. $150,000. Anticipate the same spread. | 1 avril 2016

Read Randy Carlsons articles on Seeking Alpha. He has been spot on so far and he predicts the P-D model 3 will go for 60,000, which is right around BMW M3 pricing.

biggestfan | 1 avril 2016

I would think it would be about $65-70K fully loaded. If you price the Model S and select every option you end up pretty close to double the base price. Might be a little different because they may not offer all of the same features that the S and X have.

cgates30 | 1 avril 2016

Elon tweeted that "selling price w avg option mix prob $42K". I'm liking the $60K option listed above.

carlk | 1 avril 2016

Higher capacity battery, performance model with insane or ludicrous, premium package, bigger adddition to autopilot and supercharger, my guess is around $70K and likely even more if every option listed above costs about the same as in the S.

Uncle Paul | 1 avril 2016

At the reveal, Elon mentioned that the base car would be pretty well equipped, but options would be available.

Base car would have 215 miles range, steel springs, nice interior etc.

If you want dual motors, air suspension, leather seats, sliding sunroof, larger fancy wheels, upscale sound system etc, each will be available at extra cost.

BMW, Mini and Porsche are the masters of upsetting. You can even pay more if you want a key fob painted to match your car or nitrogen instead of air in your tires.

bt456 | 2 avril 2016

47k with Dual Motor, and their largest battery. Ludicrous or Plaid Mode will be several thousand more. Must pay a premium for bragging rights, so all the former BMW M3 drivers, in a Tesla Model 3 can smoke the current BMW M3 drivers.

Many car companies do allow their models to overlap in price, but I don't expect Tesla to do that, so it should be less than the cheapest Model S.

BTW, a fully loaded M3, ( DC trans, active safety, etc) is like 75k. Rip off. Add ceramic brakes for 8k more.

MarlonBrown | 2 avril 2016

Bt456, correct M3 costs over $75k fully loaded. Then add $400/month in fuel. in my case car is good for 2 years, 40,000 miles warranty then I need to trade and get a new one. Rip off. If the Model 3 (certain more expensive model) comes with unlimited miles, full warranty, that is the car for me. My options: nicest wheels, leather, moonroof, awd, ambivalent lights, supercharger. Mid size battery ok. If i get it for $50k but warranty is good for 8 years, so be it.

HenryT2 | 2 avril 2016

I'm hoping for 0-60 in approx. 4 secs for $50K (without including other stuff) and 0-60 in 3.2ish for $60K - both would come with about 300 miles.

Red Sage ca us | 2 avril 2016

Expect there to be a Base Rear Wheel Drive Car... A Dual Motor All Wheel Drive Car... And a Performance version, which likely includes All Wheel Drive. Anticipate that there may be as much as $15,000 in options and accessories that you can add to either of those trim levels. Maybe something like this:

VEHICLE _____________ BASE _____ MAX____
Tesla Model ☰ 70 _______ $35,000 ___ $50,000
Tesla Model ☰ 90D ______ $40,000 ___ $55,000
Tesla Model ☰ P120D ____ $55,000 ___ $70,000

It would be a lot simpler if they just made a 100 kWh battery pack standard...

MarlonBrown | 2 avril 2016

So which battery size could be eligible for the 8 years unlimited miles warranty?
The unlimited miles warranty is one of the most important aspects to me.
I imagine the mid trim level and highest level right?

mrburke | 17 avril 2019

Every once in a while it is fun to read an old thread and see how well we predicted the future

beaver | 17 avril 2019

Everyone was so friendly and smart back then! Let’s all get along and make the forum great again

stephenfootball | 17 avril 2019

I like beaver.

david_gelfand | 18 avril 2019

@ Uncle Paul | April 1, 2016
Where are you looking at available Model 3 options to come up with your list? Thin air? Or, do you have an "in" with Elon so that you may order "Air Suspension" or "sliding" sun roof? The "Smart Air Suspension" is something I've been asking for ever since we took delivery of our M3 in January '18. Oakland roads are TERRIBLE!

Jack001 | 22 avril 2019

Elon tweeted that "selling price w avg option mix prob $45K". I'm liking the $65K option listed above.