Hockey Stick Door Handles

Hockey Stick Door Handles

Had a thought about the hockey stick door handles shown on the Model 3 last night.

Rather than the motorized handles on the S, or the touch panels on the X, perhaps these are simply hinged. You push on the top part and the bottom part pivots out so that you can grab it and pull. These would be much cheaper to manufacture and not as prone to failure. But still streamlined at speed and appropriate for a mass market car.

Did anyone at the event have a chance to play with them during their test drive?

Tropopause | 1 avril 2016

Wondering the same thing. In the videos I noted the handles remained flush while the door is opened. Never quite saw how they actuate the door to open.

dsvick | 1 avril 2016

I don't know how hinged would work - you'd need two hands to use them.

If they don't pop out like the S or the X maybe they are just pushed in and the door pops open, although that would still be a bit awkward to open, you'd push the handle, the door would pop open a bit, then you'd have to reach out and grab the frame to open it the rest of the way.

Bluesday Afternoon | 1 avril 2016

The Matte prototype had different handles. The video of the Unveil clearly shows a Model S style handle. Just another example of styling design development/considerations.

JeffreyR | 1 avril 2016

I posted some pictures in my M= Unveiled Post. Pictures are of features I found interesting. They are taken from paused videos from the Event. Pictures include:

- Manual Recessed Door Handles
- Back/Top Glass Roof
- Trunk Being Opened
- Opened Trunk

The door handles work by using your thumb to press the little part that is on top, which levers the rest of the handle up so you can pull it the rest of the way.

danCE | 1 avril 2016

Jeffrey, exactly. Good explanation.

Tropopause | 1 avril 2016

Mechanical... Nice!

Red Sage ca us | 5 avril 2016

I... don't like them.

Tstolz | 5 avril 2016

I'd rather these be mechanical on the 3! $1,000 door handles can't go on a $35,000 car. I'm not sure about them even on my S!