Where to put the front license plate?

Where to put the front license plate?

Actually, I like the nose of the M3...but where is the place to mount a front license plate?


Obi Wan | 2 avril 2016

I'm hoping our government will go to only rear plates, but good question.

cephellow | 2 avril 2016

In the frunk, where the plate for my S has resided since day 1....

rs | 2 avril 2016

Well, in the European Union you need both...front and rear license plates.
It would be good to find a solution which is compatible to all countries worldwide.


SUN 2 DRV | 2 avril 2016

I think having a license plate mounting surface is the main reason they went with the vertically flat nose. It's much more accepting of a license plate than the fully curved nosecone on the Model S.

rs | 2 avril 2016

Ok...but I hope they won't forget to drill the holes! ;-)

jordanrichard | 2 avril 2016

mount the front license plate horizontally in the glove box, like most of us....... :-)

rs | 2 avril 2016

Most of you in the US...but not in the European Union.

cephellow | 2 avril 2016

In California, front license plate is the law. It still stays in the frunk.

Darryl | 2 avril 2016

If you are in a state which requires a front plate, Tesla will drill holes through the front bumber to put a bracket to hold the plate. This is no different what they did for the X and S.

This is going to be a long 20+ months.

bodenalan | 2 avril 2016

I don't think that nose will make it to production, I expect some sort of grill, and someone will come up with a way to attach the plate holder to the grill just like they did on the S.

jordanrichard | 2 avril 2016

I have said this before when this topic came up for the MS. It sure is strange that a company based in CA, deigned the car in CA, and made the car in CA where a front plate is required, didn't design a place to put on a front plate.

alnrench2 | 2 avril 2016

In Florida we don't require a front plate, and I am so happy for that. What is worse for an aerodynamic low drag design than to attach a rectangular barn door on the front bumper. States like CA should offer an option, with a small fee ( the state should like that ) and make the front plate vinyl adhesive...basically a bumper drilling-no drag ! Keep that front end drag free !
The same can apply in Europe

jbunn | 2 avril 2016

I saw a shot with a euro-style front plate, and it looked really good.

kostis | 3 avril 2016

Our number plates in Germany are metal, but they are much wider than they are high so they will fit nicely on the front of a Tesla Model 3 as shown in the unveil. Number plates are usually put in plastic number plate holders, which are screwed on. For that holes are drilled into the car. Ahem.

Haggy | 3 avril 2016

Of course there's a place to mount a front plate on the MS. They include the bracket and screws whether you have them attach it or not. The same will be true with the M3. In California, the law says they are supposed to have you sign a form acknowledging that a front plate is required if you don't have them mount the front plate. However since it's not mounted at delivery and they instruct you to go to the service center to have it mounted, that never came up. I suppose if I went to the service center and explicitly told them that I'm there not to get my plate mounted, once they figured out what I was talking about, they might have found that form.

adoh2010 | 3 avril 2016

They should start doing like Dubai and have an optional sticker instead of a front plate. That's what people with nice cars are rocking over there. Bulging tags at the front reduce MPG by collectively millions of gallons burned for no reason!

Nic727 | 3 avril 2016

In the province of Quebec (Canada) we don't have front plate. I think front plate is ugly and not necessary.

FelixMendeldog | 3 avril 2016

@alnrench2 I love your idea for stick-on vinyl plates (most recreation boats use vinyl numbers, so why not?) but there's no chance that the New York Department of Motor Vehicles would allow any change, ever, except to make things worse.

snakes | 3 avril 2016

Those license plates were hand crafted by the finest artisan plate makers....doing 20-to-life. Works of art each & every one sweated over...maybe even bled over