I like :)

I like :)

Red Sage ca us | 4 avril 2016

~*ahem*~ 2018 Nissan LEAF... 'concept'... Next.

Nic727 | 4 avril 2016

There is two problems with that :

1. Nissan Leaf require you to buy batteries each year (for an obscure reason).
2. Why supporting a company making fuel powered cars?

jordanrichard | 4 avril 2016

You don't actually think that will come to market do you.......?

damonmath | 4 avril 2016

Gotta love how the stretch that tired i8/i3 paint/design scheme into 2018.

Red Sage ca us | 6 avril 2016

damonmath: Yeah. The traditional automobile manufacturers can't seem to come up with a charging standard they can all agree upon... And they can't decide upon a battery formulation or format that is acceptable for all... And most of them patently refuse to allow an electric motor to power anything other than the front wheels... And they make no attempt to use AC induction motors on their own... But they managed to make a very solid decision early on that their electric vehicle offerings would all feature the 'futuristic' colors: White, Black, Silver, Blue... and Orange.

FelixMendeldog | 6 avril 2016

That thing looks RIDICULOUS. No SuperCharger network; have fun with the FrankenPlugs!