Well Nvidia just announced their new gpu architecture a few minutes ago and along with that they announced there new ai driving computer called the Nvidia drive px. It can run infotainment, gauges, sensors etc. I'm curious if this is what tesla is going to use as the "backbone" for the model 3's rumored autopilot. I'll post up a link to the section about the drive px once the live stream gets done with and is posted online

1BadNerd | 5 avril 2016

The Drive PX was announced a year ago. I thought Tesla is currently using an NVIDIA Tegra chip for the dash and touchscreen. I'd be surprised if they abandon Mobileye.

Personally, I bet they will offer three levels of automation:

1. Autopilot Safety (standard)
2. Autopilot Convenience (option 1) similar to current Model S, but more sensors, more powerful
3. Autopilot 'autonomous' (option 2) Full autonomous function

I'm sure these will use the latest Mobileye cameras. I would also suspect they would use NVIDIA, but probably not the Drive PX--but who knows.

bcfireworks | 5 avril 2016

I would invest in an autopilot upgrade of $5K or more if it was going to 'futureproof' my vehicle (to the best of anyone's ability) relative to Tesla's longer term strategy for autopilot