Very detail videos of some of the features we didn't catch

Very detail videos of some of the features we didn't catch

I saw this video and I quickly see that what we saw on 3/31 is what Elon based on to say that most M3 will be around 42k. dot com/watch?v=Qr2FaDh-Hlg

I did a quick comparison based on what I saw visually with the current MS upgrade price.

Pano Roof - MS option = $1500, I expect M3 will be $1000 to $1250
The leather seats as seen is also $2500 option for MS, I bet for the M3 will be close to $2k
A larger battery for extended range is probably $8000 to $10k, just guessing if the standard battery is a 50Kw and we want a 70kw battery. MS is something like $13k between a 70D to a 90D

These are pretty much the features I'd like to have on my M3.

Bighorn | 10 avril 2016


skwok | 10 avril 2016

If I remember correctly. I thought the pano roof was standard.

Everything else... only a few people know, and they aren't visiting these forums :)

FREE ENERGY | 10 avril 2016

Roof with glossy carbon please

skwok | 10 avril 2016

Sorry, I was wrong. Solid glass I think is standard... not pano... my bad! | 10 avril 2016

Good video.

#Danny, not sure why you have a duplicate post, but you can delete it by clicking on the edit link on the other duplicate post and selecting the right option. Only you can do that as no one else had edit access to your posts. | 10 avril 2016

TeslaTap, just deleted. My connection timed out and ended up double posting.

Red Sage ca us | 11 avril 2016

Not a bad analysis. They did miss that there was purpose designed fitted luggage in the Frunk, though.

Jcastillo18 | 11 avril 2016

The only one I'm intrested is a longer range battery