Incentives for British Columbia buyers?

Incentives for British Columbia buyers?

Hi everyone,

im just a little confused about the whole incentive and rebate thing. On the Tesla support site did not mention about Rebate or incentives in BC Canada. But there is a program in BC called CEV For BC(
And I quote:

" The BC Ministry of Energy and Mines has established incentive amounts based on vehicle type and battery capacity. Battery electric, fuel cell vehicle and plug in hybrids above a 15kWh capacity are eligible for the full incentive amount up to $5,000 (+ up to $1,000 fuelling for fuel cell vehicles). Plug in hybrids below 15kWh but above 4kWh are eligible for incentives up to $2,500."

Does this mean there is incentives for BC buyers? I also see that Tesla model S is on their list, but the Tesla site( never mentioned the incentives in BC.
In order to get the incentives from CEV for BC program the dealer must file a request, how exactly would this work if im going to order a tesla model 3 online?

TrevP | 14 avril 2016

You would be getting your Model 3 from a Tesla store in BC. They'd take care of the details when the time comes.

kzodz | 14 avril 2016

Keep in mind the incentives are year to year. Right now the Tesla 3 is good for $14,000 here in Ontario. But it could be zero by the time we ever see a car in Canada. Heck Justin Trudeau's kids might be running the country before we get a car!