Help with ownership change

Help with ownership change

I am picking up a used P85 tomorrow. How to I change the cars account (email,login)for remote access etc from the current owner to myself? | 9 mai 2016

Contact Tesla, likely service can do this for you. In North America: (844) 248-3752

JAD | 9 mai 2016

OK. thanks I will just call them after I pick up the car. | 9 mai 2016

I expect the current owner may need to contact Tesla first, so you might just call service today and find out what exactly is required to speed it along!

Also - congratulation on your P85 - I'm sure you're going to enjoy it!

JAD | 9 mai 2016

FYI, called Tesla and I have to bring the registration showing my name and an ID to a service center. Guess it will take a few days as the DMV work will need to be done to get the registration :(

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 9 mai 2016

@Jad, in the mean time turn off remote access so the previous owner does not have access. Turn it on again when you have your own access set up!

negarholger | 9 mai 2016

Can't you just reset the car to factory condition erasing all personal info? I thought this was in one of the updates.

AoneOne | 9 mai 2016

Reset requires the current password, so the seller should do it before (or at) delivery.

JAD | 9 mai 2016

I think they are going to give me the login until I can re-register it. Any reason not to? Would be nice to get charging failure notices etc for 500 mile drive home.

whitex | 10 mai 2016

The old owner doesn't need to contact Tesla, but the new owner needs to contact Tesla with proof they own it (registration, bill of sale, etc).

tom.joby | 18 avril 2018

Called Tesla customer support 844 248-3752, for past two days waiited on hold for 30+ mins then gave up. Is there an online way of signing up for Tesla myaccount for ownership change ?

p.c.mcavoy | 23 avril 2018

@tom.joby - You can contact Tesla via email. At the bottom of every page in the forum there is a Contact link. It will pull up a form where you can send them an email. I’ve found them to be pretty responsive. Normally have a reply from them within a day. You will need to pick a category for your email. There is one about an existing order which I use. Give them the last 6 digits of the VIN.

If you’ve not found it already, there is another thread in the forum where someone recently posted example of the email they received with all the information which was requested to make the change. They will request you email them things like drivers license, copy of the title or registration, etc.

Silver2K | 23 avril 2018

Issue with app caused delays. Call today you'll get someone quickly

daimlermotors | 8 février 2019

hello we have a 2018 tesla model S that needs service .
We are a automotive dealership . what information you need for us to get an account to get his car worked on.
thank you
214 649 - 1719

reed_lewis | 8 février 2019

@daimlermotors - Tesla service only works on the cars right now. Plus this forum is not monitored typically by Tesla. You need to contact a local service center.

Here is a list of service centers:

daimlermotors | 8 février 2019


reed_lewis | 8 février 2019

Again, Tesla does not monitor these forums. You need to contact a local service center.

matthew.hitchcock | 19 avril 2019

I’m two weeks into waiting for the ownership transfer. 15 days ago I bought an amazing used model 3. That morning I emailed all the requested documents (Title, registration, my DL, address, Tesla account email, and phone number) as requested on the ownership transfer website. I had crickets for about 5 days. I called and the customer service lady basically said there was nothing she could do. That evening I got a reply to my original email with all the info just copy and pasting the ownership transfer website. I responded with all the info again, and nothing for 5 more days. I called this past Monday and this customer service lady said she can’t see any ownership transfer requests associated with the VIN. WTF?? She asked me to forward the original email thread to her, and she just forwarded it back to customer service. The next day I got another reply just copy and pasting the website again. I’m starting to get a little pissed off! Has anyone had theses issues before?

GregoryRMatthews | 25 juin 2019

I fear I am about to go down the same road as matther.hitchcock Phones that don't answer, voicemail boxes that are full and on hold for almost a hour before giving up.

Really want to use the app.,

Usgramire62 | 19 juillet 2019

Bought a used 2016 model x hw1, been trying to get a Tesla account for over a month, no response from Tesla, except they r working on it, have emailed them numerous times asking for a response?

AZGLFR | 19 juillet 2019

Bought a 2015 S 85D on July 7, 2018 from a used car dealer in Phoenix . Dealer sent in required docs to Tesla to transfer ownership to me . In August I had annual service completed on the car in Tempe Az. Since I did not have access to the vehicle via the Tesla App i brought all the required docs in at that time . The folks at the Tempe Serve Center completed the service and also made copies of all ownership forms forms and sent them to Tesla for me. Still no access via the app due to “no product assigned this account “ error which had been that way since day one.
Fast forward to the “Pumpkin Patch Festival “ near Prescott Arizona on October 28th 2018 . Got ready to go home and all is good except error in car “ key not in car cannot start “ error. Car recognized FOB in all ways except would not start. Called Tesla Emg 800 number , they tried but could not help they asked me to try the app after all other attempts failed . Told them my problem with the app and they had me to take photo of registration and drivers license and text to them and they would call back in five mins. Five mins later they called and had me try the app YEAY ! My app now had my car and was able to start the vehicle and drive back to home . Tempe Service replaced the Body Controller Module the next day all is back to good ! Thank You EMG service i think they were in Utah and Thank You Tempe service . I really would like to thank Freemont , but just can’t go there . We really love the Model S , and would like to buy a newer one but I am worried that the Customer Service shown from Freemont that I experienced and some problems i read about in the forums is putting a damper on that . In the meantime I am planning on driving and enjoying the finest and most exciting car i have ever owned | 20 juillet 2019

@AZGLFR - the place in California is spelled Fremont not Freemont. I only mention it because I was married in that town in 1973 :-)

AZGLFR | 20 juillet 2019

Oops ....... Fremont . My apologies to the folks there ! | 28 octobre 2019

Can some one tell me where I have to email document for tesla ownership change ease | 28 octobre 2019

Can some one tell me where I have to email document for tesla ownership change ease

akikiki | 28 octobre 2019 if it has not changed.

2015P90DI | 29 octobre 2019

Then follow up with a phone call a few days later. Otherwise, Tesla has been VERY, VERY, VERY slow at getting to these. If you call, it gets them to look up the e-mail and put it in the queue to be done. From then then it's about a week. With no call, could be 30, 60, 90 days.....or never. Follow up e-mails alone don't do any good.

Just make sure when you call, you talk to a live person who can look it up and confirm they received your e-mail. Also confirm that they have everything they want from you. Often, if the e-mail doesn't contain all the necessary documentation, they just bypass it, rather than taking the time to send an e-mail that they need something additional.

Key things I know of.....Copy of Driver's license, front and back. Insurance card (to be safe), actual registration showing the car in the name of the person you're transferring the Tesla account to. If you purchased it from a private party, best to ask the original owner to send an e-mail requesting the change as well.

Hope that helps.Been through it many times. Can be quite annoying, due to the Tesla's snail pace. The above will help to prevent any needless added delays.

Congrats on the car

yevhenii.kravchenko | 17 décembre 2019

Tried to send an email to to claim my Model 3, but seems this address is not valid anymore: "Recipient address rejected: Access denied, User unknown"

Then tried to add a car through Tesla account here:, but despite it says en_EU in url, but actually on the form there's just United States, I could not pick any other country.

Please send help :)