Model 3 towbar

Model 3 towbar

Will a towbar be an option for the model 3?

PaceyWhitter | 12 mai 2016


jsh | 14 mai 2016

Phuuu super, I have just reserved a model 3, and since My model S can't have a tow bar, Then I would need at least one car that can tow My little trailer. (Max. 400 Kg) :0), Right now it's a ICE car (NOT a VW ;0))

EVMan | 14 mai 2016

Two things:
1 - I hope it is a 2 inch hitch. I have a bike rack that only fits 2 inch hitch.
2 - JSH - Check out this link for your S. I purchased one for my 2013 Chevy Volt. No drilling or welding.

Badbot | 14 mai 2016

If it is not they make adaptors to use your 2"

niclas_thoresen | 23 mai 2016

How much will it be able to tow? 1000kg?

andrews.robert | 23 mai 2016

Agreed, Nice to have even if limit is fairly low.

gw_peter | 23 mai 2016

towbar is very important to me for my small trailer and to tow my small

jordanrichard | 23 mai 2016

niclas_thoresen, no one knows any specifics about the car. All that has been said about towing was that the M≡ will be able to tow.

The question I have is why can't the MS tow when both the MX and eventually the M≡ can?

Rocky_H | 23 mai 2016

@jordanrichard, The MS can.

Red Sage ca us | 23 mai 2016

jordanrichard: I suspect you may have meant to ask why didn't Tesla Motors rate the Model S for towing...? I figure they didn't expect anyone would want to tow anything with it (I've never seen a Panamera, 7-Series, A8, or S-Class towing anything either). Oops. Thankfully, TorkLift Central saw the need and took care of it. Just one of those things that was overlooked. Y'know... Like cupholders, map pockets, coat hooks, third row ventilation, and chilled brandy snifters.

topher | 24 mai 2016

AHHHH! Who chills brandy snifters? The whole point of snifters is to *warm* the brandy. :-)

Red Sage ca us | 24 mai 2016

topher: Meh. What do I know? I don't drink... Most of that stuff is NASTY. Wine glass, champagne flute, beer mug... I'm sure at least one of those is often preferred to be chilled prior to pouring. :-D

jordanrichard | 24 mai 2016

Rocky_H and Red Sage. You are correct, I know the MS can but I should have said why don't they recommend it? Does anyone know off hand if this recommendation to NOT tow, still exist in the most current version of the MS owner's manual?

caolivieri | 26 mai 2016

I'll want one for the tow bar bike mounts

Keelandb | 29 mai 2016

To me "tow bar" means that something can use a tow bar to tow the Tesla a Model 3. Are any of the Tesla models towable 4-flat, or do they need to be towed on a trailer. I'm thinking behind a motor home.

Badbot | 29 mai 2016

Flatbed only

Red Sage ca us | 29 mai 2016

Keelandb: I finally realized that people from other countries use the English language correctly, unlike those of us in the US. :-D I made a similar statement the first time I read a query about a 'tow bar'. But no, there will be no 'wheels down' option to tow a Model ☰ behind another vehicle. You will have to use a trailer/flatbed to do so instead.

Keelandb | 31 mai 2016

That's too bad, but oh well. I'll still buy one, and a trailer to carry it on.

jf | 4 juin 2016

I hope we will be able to have to tow bar option without having to have extra (air) suspension like model x... could then become a pricey add-on...

cramellebal | 9 juin 2016

Great news about a tow bar, but what about a roof rack? Does anyone know if you can install one on a Model 3? I've asked Elon Musk and Tesla on Twitter a while back and I'm still waiting for an answer. In my end of the woods, where skiing, kayaking, etc., is part of life, a roof rack is a must. I'm worried that a Model 3, with its glass roof, cannot take a roof rack. Hope I'm wrong.
Marc Labelle
Saint-Lambert, Québec, Canada

Red Sage ca us | 9 juin 2016

"Roof rack? We don' need no steenkin' roof rack!" :-D

topher | 9 juin 2016

The roof rack on the Model S *requires* the pano roof. For what that's worth.

Thank you kindly.

Badbot | 9 juin 2016

your cf of .21 goes to .55 with a roof rack

saars | 9 juin 2016

Why would you hope the tow hitch is a 2 inch hitch?! What's wrong with you people? Why would you want a crippled tow hitch?!

The car has a super strong chassis, it has the power of a truck and would easily be able to pull 10.000 lbs with small rims!

I expect the car to tow the same as Model X, anything less would just be restrictive to what the car's potential.

Anyone would benefit from the ability to tow proper load, not bikes...

chris.penrose | 9 juin 2016

I will get a tow bar with 50mm (2 inch) tow ball to either fit the bike rack or to tow the trailer.

I have a roof box for either the Subaru Legacy and Outback but I doubt I would fit it to the Model 3.
I doubt the mount points will be provided and as @Stian.aarskang noted it will kill the drag coefficient.

Ross1 | 9 juin 2016

Elon said the roof rack on the MX is guaranteed at 135 mph.
(what happens above that??)

A towbar is also important if someone rear ends you. It saves your car and wrecks theirs.

When I wanted a towbar for my 10 yo Citroen C5 I found they were no longer supplied, although I have recently got one off a wreck.
So it is a good idea to buy the racks and bars and towbars while they are still supported. Towbars usually require an expensive wiring loom too, so another idea is to buy while you still can even if you never fit it. Then you can eventually sell it off on Ebay.

Red Sage ca us | 10 juin 2016

stian.aarskaug: The Tesla Model X uses a 2" hitch to achieve its 5,000 lbs rated towing capacity. Some have theorized that a weight distribution hitch would improve that by at least 50% to around 7,500 lbs instead. If Tesla Motors has not planned for a weight distribution hitch for their SUV, I sincerely doubt one will be available for their mass market sedan.

happyfam3 | 13 avril 2017

I hope the Model 3 will handle a 1 1/4 inch trailer hitch suitable for a bike carrier. Does Tesla make any statements on this subject?