Ultra White Seats easy to clean?

Ultra White Seats easy to clean?

Can someone point me to a thread in this forum that discusses any pros and cons of the UW seats?

lilbean | 26 mai 2016

I did read that they were easy to clean. They are much softer than the black leather seats.

DarthB | 27 mai 2016

So this weekend I accidentally spilled some coke on my UV seats (BTW putting the cup holder near the arm rest area is NOT the greatest idea as the drinks can easily knocked over!) Since I didn't have any napkins in the car, I used my kid's hoodie which doesn't absorb much. But surprisingly, I was still able to clean up the coke pretty well without leaving anything stickiness on the UW material.

The cup holder plastic area (also got some coke splashed on) on the other hand wasn't as easy to clean; it was still sticky afterward and I had to use some wet wipes when I got home.

So so far, the UW materials seems to "anti-stain" pretty well compares to other normal surface area.

Bw476 | 27 mai 2016

I have 4 kids and they still look great, but it's only been 3 months, time will tell

carlk | 27 mai 2016

It seems to be easy to keep clean but some have mentioned it might be more prone to tearing than regular leather. Make sure to keep sharp objects like keys away from the seating surface.