It schould not take 18 months for suppliers to print up some t shirts and hats for the model 3. I don't want after market. TeslA let us spend some money. Thank you.

jordanrichard | 13 juin 2016

What company sells swap for their prototypes? We all know that the M≡ is no ordinary prototype, because it will in fact be built, looking very much like what we saw. However, the car still does not exist.

croman | 13 juin 2016

Uh -- t-shirts with Model 3 don't require final prototypes. Unless OP wants to buy a hat with a picture of a 3 (that someone (like you, jr) could somehow discern minute differences in as compared to an unknown (future) 3. I agree with OP, get it done and put that fund towards a pot for vacations for employees after they complete milestones in development of 3.

up north | 13 juin 2016

It just has to say model 3 on it. I'd buy 12 of them, just like my underwear 1 for every month of the year.

teslawhispers | 13 juin 2016

up north -

Way to lighten up the mood after obvious disagreement. Prototype or not, I would purchase some Model ≡ gear as well... just not 12.

jordanrichard | 14 juin 2016

EnviroAtty, my point wasn't that Tesla shouldn't, I was just pointed out why perhaps they have not. However thanks for the lesson what is and isn't needed to make a T-shirt.

jdanielp_uk | 14 juin 2016

Assuming that the gifts might turn out to be apparel, then perhaps Telsa will intentionally withhold ≡ designs from the store for the foreseeable future to make whatever they do send out to the early adopters that much more desirable?

dd.micsol | 14 juin 2016

I complete disagree on apparel-what size? This would be a huge waste of money for T. Hats-don't want one. Gloves same problem-what size? Give it up. Just give me a credit for something I want in my car. I want floor mats.

dd.micsol | 14 juin 2016

I should add that I do dig that tesla leather jacket. I might get one on my own.

dsvick | 14 juin 2016

I agree with dd, there are two many issues with apparel. They could, I guess, send out one, single size to everyone but I just don't see it happening.

Badbot | 14 juin 2016

so you wear your underwear for a continuous 30 days ?
after that do you toss it or wash it ?

dsvick | 14 juin 2016


Maybe he wears it for 15 days then turns it inside out for another 15 days. At that point he could probably just release them into the wild.

up north | 14 juin 2016

After 30 days I have to cut them off. I throw them into the wild, most everything runs except the Bears.

jdanielp_uk | 15 juin 2016

@dd.micsol I wasn't suggesting that apparel as a gift would be a good idea (although I wouldn't say no to a free Telsa t-shirt), primarily due to sizing issues, but was merely speculating as to why Tesla are not yet offering ≡ merchandise.

dd.micsol | 15 juin 2016

@jdaniel-It's all good speculation. Just saying I don't think it makes a whole lot of sense. Hope I didn't sound too harsh-If I did-sorry.

jdanielp_uk | 15 juin 2016

@dd.micsol no worries! They could always send us vouchers to spend on apparel and add the Model ≡ designs which would then overcome the issue of size. As discussed elsewhere, it seems likely that gifts will be rather smaller though.

Badbot | 15 juin 2016

Hey Up the ASPCA wants to talk with you about the bears...

up north | 15 juin 2016

Hey badbot don't have to worry about aspca my wife chases them out of hEre just as fast as the bear.

inconel | 15 juin 2016

You should put them up on eBay. Some people might like them.

bradabalk | 21 juin 2016

Don't turn Tesla into Harley Davidson where you will slap your name on any hunk of crap and charge a premium until all your brand loyalist are walking around with more advertising than a Nascar driver.

Now if they make special clothing that somehow captures Kinetic energy while moving or solar energy that can be transferred into the car, them I'm in.

Cdotpeterman | 21 juin 2016

Who needs clothes when you can get a tasty Tesla tattoo? That's real brand loyalty!

Badbot | 21 juin 2016

true but no one wants to see my a$$ tattoo