Three month review of my Sig Model X

Three month review of my Sig Model X

Yesterday completed my third month of Model X ownership. I have driven 5,245 miles. Have towed a trailer locally and we have made two 1,000 mile road trips. Only one problem to report in the three months and that is a problem with the removal of the trailer hitch which was quickly resolved by the Tesla Service Center in SLC. No falcon wing door problems, no front door issues, and except for a few learning experiences, I can very truthfully say the car has been everything that I had expected. One fantastic vehicle. Additionally, the Tesla personnel have been great to deal with, even when I went there to ask stupid questions. While I know that others have not had this same experience, mine has been the best experience of my driving history, and that history goes back to the 50's.

socalsam | 16 juin 2016


davediep | 16 juin 2016

Thanks for sharing! Mine is not as rosy (Sig 170 P90DL). I have a long list of problems still waiting to be fixed.

Gwgan | 18 juin 2016

lower case ken, we were continuing to live parallel X lives, delivery late March of car made in January, 6700 miles, a couple of long trips, and nary a problem even with towing a trailer but...12V battery failed within the first two weeks (after car was not plugged in for 1 week during detailing) and just before going to the spa for a few minor details the FWD door sensors acted up, the front turn signals stopped working altogether, and the front seat head rests stopped moving. All was repaired/replaced and the Tesla staff has been great. Right now the spoiler does not rise and we're hoping for a firmware fix. The drive is a delight every day.
Does your car have they ghosting windshield? Do you have frequent compressor clicks from the front end while the car is "off". These are my persistently unsolved issues.

Red Sage ca us | 24 juin 2016


ken | 24 juin 2016

@Gwgans, the answer is none of those problems to date. We are getting ready to do our third road trip to California beaches and then to the mountains. Will post when we return as part of my four month review. Sorry to hear you are having some problems, but happy that Tesla SC is taking care of them.

Triggerplz | 24 juin 2016

Another good review about the MX, congrats...when there's something good about the MX I'll speak and when there's something bad about the MX I'll speak up, I'll give it to you both ways, but there are some people here that only have somethings to say if there's a problem but never have any thing to said when it's all good.. Is it just me that notice that? | 24 juin 2016

@ken: sounds good. My X is everything I expected (once I lowered my expectations a little.). 😃

borodinj | 24 juin 2016

I've only had my X for a week, but overall, I love it. My wife, who will eventually be driving this car more than me and is really not a car person, says that the car is like "driving the future", and it sort of is. From the auto-presenting doors, to FWD's, to AP and the windshield, it really is unlike anything else on the road. I really loved my pre-AP S85, but the X is just another level.

Just one thing...during regen braking, with my old S, I never heard any mechanical noise from it. With the X, the regen whine is quite noticeable. Is that normal?

lilbean | 24 juin 2016

@borodinj- Yes, I think the regen on the X makes a noise compared to the S. I like the noise. It sounds like a jet. :)

borodinj | 25 juin 2016

@libean - Come to think of it, it does sound kind of like a jet engine, and now it suddenly sounds even more appealing!

lilbean | 25 juin 2016

@borodinj: Yay! I love it!

elguapo | 25 juin 2016

That noise goes away after a while. At least it has with mine. My X has been mine for 3 months and the sound disappeared about a month in.

ken | 29 juin 2016

I agree, I do not have any noise during the regen process. Last week I went approximately 20 miles up the Cottonwood Canyons here in SLC. When I was at the top I had about 165 miles left and when I arrived back down to my home at the bottom of the canyon I had 177 miles. That was my first real test of the whole process and it does really work. Nice to know if you are going up and down canyon roads. Leaving tomorrow for a long California and National Park trip, will report back when I return in mid-July. | 29 juin 2016

Plan to spend a little more time during charging stops. For a given distance the X requires more charge than the S. As you charge into the upper reaches of battery pack capacity, charging time goes up nonlinearly. Have fun!

Gwgan | 1 juillet 2016

I only hear a whine when I turn on the jet engines (ie. Launch!)