Brexit ...

Brexit ...

Would the result tomorrow affect you in any way? Your M3 order?

carlos | 25 juin 2016

@sp_tesla : I am thinking 170ish !!

carlk | 25 juin 2016


They truly got what they wished for.


Yes I wish Texans soon get what they wished for too.

Mike83 | 25 juin 2016

I recall mad cow disease and since then I have not eaten much beef especially from England and use mostly organic grass fed stuff; I hope they remedied this. We do get Michelin tires, Belgium Chocolate, Polish glass, Netherlands and other countries seems to be the biggest imports. Not sure what comes from England but don't believe it affects us.

carlk | 25 juin 2016

That's too bad. They will be cheaper to buy than before. I could buy some single malts if they come cheap but probably nothing else. And those Bregret people may need to keep all the alcohol to themselves too.

Mike83 | 25 juin 2016

So some thought it was just a Protest vote and think they were lied to. Pretty weird stuff going on there.Top exporting countries are Germany, Netherlands and France. The UK makes up 2.9%.
I just read the label on my Jalapeno/Garlic olives bought at Costco and they come from Greece. I love them.
I am learning a lot from this.

alex | 27 juin 2016

All good new. So when my model 3 is finally produced, maybe the 10% EU charge for cars made outside Europe will be dropped.
Alex (UK)

Ross1 | 27 juin 2016

Here we call them 'whinging poms'.

Ross1 | 27 juin 2016

When you sell your Model X, it would be an Xit.

What about MS?

RJT85 | 27 juin 2016

Greetings from sunny England. The financial market is where it was a couple of months back. The sky hasn't fallen in yet. Haven't seen any dogs walking on their hind legs. Wheels still turn on the model S.

dachuyn | 27 juin 2016

Owners in UK might want to sell their MS now ... that Tesla cars cost more :-)

NKYTA | 27 juin 2016

John Oliver was quite hilarious on HBO tonight about Brexit. :-)

compchat | 28 juin 2016

Who is trump kissing ?

KP in NPT | 28 juin 2016

@compchat it's Boris Johnson, former mayor of London and possibly next PM after Cameron.

Ross1 | 28 juin 2016

poor Boris