Ultra White Seats

Ultra White Seats

I'm torn about getting the Ultra White Seats. They are ultra cool, but I'm just paranoid about them looking terrible in a few year through discolouration and wear and tear. Is this a valid concern? Otherwise, it's going to be boring black.

joer293 | 2 août 2016

The ultra white is a high quality synthetic. There are demo models with the white seats, which show no signs of wear and tear. Typically demo models get worn faster, and the white appears to survive, no stains, no permanent impressions. If you are worried about UV fade, which is unknown right now, you could get window tint.

Triggerplz | 2 août 2016

I wanted real leather seats so I order black seats

lilbean | 2 août 2016

Me too, Triggerplz.

cica3838 | 2 août 2016

But in my experience with a prior BMW, synthetic leather doesn't exhibit the creasing that real leather always does. Over the years, a synthetic seat will look very new whereas a real leather seat will clearly look worn.

lilbean | 2 août 2016

The white seats are buttery soft. I had no idea when I made my choice on the black seats. I was also worried about color transfer from my clothes. I hear the white seats clean up nicely. I probably would have chosen the white had I known how soft they were, but I like the look of black seats. I don't think you could go wrong either way.

Redmiata98 | 2 août 2016

...and the black leather is so cool in the summer, not.

I wanted the grey interior but it was not available on the X so I took a chance on the white based on preconstruction prose from Tesla. Had my X since January and the white seats still look great. My heart nearly stopped when one of the seats got a ball point pen line on it. It cleaned off with a gentle motion from a water dampened cloth. Not sure if they will "yellow" with age but so far so good! If you are debating, get the white!

cica3838 | 2 août 2016

White seats are ultra sexy, but wondering if it's going to be a huge mistake a few years down the road. I normally keep my cars a long time.

Triggerplz | 3 août 2016

I have black seats and I have no problem with them being hot the last 100 degree day I had the temp set at 68 and moved it to 69 otherwise I woulda needed to put on a sweater, some others have had AC problems but my AC is kicking.. Plus from my phone app I pre cool the car and it can go from a plus 100 to 70 in about 3 minutes, White seats do look nice but don't get them just for the cooler factor

elguapo | 3 août 2016

Love my black leather, but have heard nothing but great things about the white except early issues with tearing, which sound like they've been fixed.

Leather definitely creases. Had my X for 4 months or so and you can already see creases. But hey, it's meant to be used.

carlk | 3 août 2016

I don't know about few years down the road but I'm super pleased with it now. It really makes it a different, and much more upscale, car.

carlk | 3 août 2016

Just one thing for people who have it. There were some suggestions that it might tear more easily than leather. So avoid to put sharp object on the surface.

cica3838 | 3 août 2016

OK. I'll keep my box cutters away from the white seats.

mischivin | 3 août 2016

We ended up getting the black seats for ours, but this was based off of wanting the cream headliner as opposed to a seat material preference.

Unfortunately, only black headliner with the white seats, and dark headliners make the interior fee smaller in my opinion.

ken | 4 août 2016

i have white seats and 10500 miles into it, its still looks great, i have 3 young kids and spills happen from times to times, white seat clean out very well and no problem so far, i still love it and no regrets,
hope this helps,

cica3838 | 4 août 2016

Ok. I'm sold. White seats it is

hami05 | 4 août 2016

@cica Congrats! Great choice!

Bw476 | 4 août 2016

4 kids and a dog with white seats... No regret!

teslcls | 7 août 2016

No doubt the synthetic seat covers are durable and are easier to maintain, but some of us outgrew the stormtrooper look 20 years ago. I wouldn't deny anyone the choice, but I would like an option besides black or tan that doesn't look like a plastic toy. (The shiny black seat backs exacerbate the look.) As nice as the X is, the interior look is a show stopper for me. I won't be trading from an S to an X until it is changed.
Tesla should save the toy look for the 3.