"Available Mid 2017"?

"Available Mid 2017"?

I was playing around with the Mod S configurator, kicking around some upgrade possibilities for my existing late 2013 Mod S P85.

Then I noticed that every possible option except the P100D is listed as "Available Mid 2017". The P100D is listed as "Available Mid October".

Anybody know what's up with this?

KP in NPT | 22 septembre 2016

Were you choosing one particular color of seat? I think there's a holdup - maybe with the gray. Others have posted that color gets them pushed back to next year.

Millionmilesorbust | 22 septembre 2016

Thats weird because for the past day when I go to the design studio for both models the box on the right showing the vehicle price is completely gone, I can choose all the options but nothing about the availability or pricing. Is anyone else experiencing this?

UnshodBob | 22 septembre 2016

Every color and battery size I tried came back October. I did grey, too. So I never saw 2017. Are you in California? I am. Another area of the US or another country might well predict a longer time to delivery.

Dramsey | 22 septembre 2016

Hm. Seems as if you want grey seats, you're gonna be waiting at least six months, unless you go for a P100D.

UnshodBob | 22 septembre 2016

Sorry, I missed "seat" color. My bad.

b.tesla | 22 septembre 2016

The MS order page is a little screwy if you ever select the gray seats. Even after you select a different color of seats, it seems stuck at mid-2017 estimated delivery until you pick a different battery size (?) or select the P100D which doesn't even list the gray seats as an option.

I still love the gray seats in my MS, but if anything bad happens, how long until I can get a replacement seat in this color if new orders with them are 9 months away?

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 22 septembre 2016

They think you are configuring your model 3!
(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

TaoJones | 22 septembre 2016

It's the rarity of grey cows, you see.

TaoJones | 22 septembre 2016

Ever seen one?


There ya go.

UnshodBob | 22 septembre 2016

Only cows who have achieved senior citizen status, I suppose. The hide and hair go gray. :)

Bighorn | 22 septembre 2016

You've got your Murray Grey and Brown Swiss, not to mention the Blue Grey:)