Ship My Model S or X to Other country

Ship My Model S or X to Other country

I live in Miami Fl. But I want to get back to my country colombia south america. can I buy the model S or X and ship to Colombia ?
or there are restrictions in this case. thanks

jordanrichard | 2 octobre 2016

Well, is the electricity the same as it is here in the U.S. I know one can't ship a U.S. spec Tesla to Europe and expect to be able to charge it using the European superchargers. The charge port is completely different along with the electricity.

jarssol | 5 octobre 2016

Colombia has the same electricity of U.S. 120v 60hz same in Colombia, I mean is legal to send my Tesla to that country because Tesla doesn't have representation in colombia yet. thanks

SCCRENDO | 5 octobre 2016

I guess the same laws would apply as shipping any car to Colombia. You should be ok as long as you could charge your car. Could probably buy a HPWC or Nema 15-40 and install it. With the right adaptor you should be able to charge off the wall. I would worry about a cheap adaptor melting. If you have problems you have a long way to ship. Your LTE or 4G will not work. So no communication with Tesla fro updates, over the air support probably maps and GPS, slacker, Sirius etc. I guess you could set up your own wifi plan and hot-spot to your car.

mirio | 5 octobre 2016

@Jarssol, if you have the car title there should be no restrictions to export a car, you own the car so tesla can't prevent you from moving to another country and take the car with you.

south american countries tend to have high import duties and taxes on cars (up to 100%), however if you relocate to colombia you could declare it as personal effects (should not trigger duties and taxes).

Now certain countries require you to have OWNED the car for a certain period of time (i.e. 1 year) in order to be able to declare as personal effects.

best is to get with a colombian customs broker (agencia de aduanas) to get advise.

not sure if it is practical to own a car where there are no service centers, seems to be a bit risky.

SamO | 5 octobre 2016




Also the service requirements would be challenging unless/until Tesla opens service. How do you feel about shipping your car from Colombia to Mexico City for service?

samopigez58 | 10 avril 2019

You can always ship the Tesla to the Carribean but good luck for using it! LOL
I brought my Tesla here in the Caribbean but charging it quite challenging.