Model 3 facade

Model 3 facade

Is anybody else out there not the biggest fan of the façade of the Model 3?

Lobstermanat42 | 3 octobre 2016

It's not my favorite. I reserved on day one and it's not gonna stop me from buying it obviously, I just wish they would revamp it to be more like the updated S. Something to break up the solid flatness.

Lobstermanat42 | 3 octobre 2016

Who else thinks that it could use some revamping?

clucyloulou | 3 octobre 2016

i would love to see a convertible tesla.

SUN 2 DRV | 4 octobre 2016

It is dramatically different. I like it!

And I like it MUCH better than the fish mouth I have on my early Model S.

makobill | 4 octobre 2016

Color me a fan of it. Nothing else like it and not objectionable. Stands out and fits the lines, IMO. Likely will change anyway...

jordanrichard | 4 octobre 2016

They need to tweak it. That is just too much blank vertical space. Yes a license plate would cover some of it up, but not everyone runs a front plate. I thought Elon had said they were going to tweak it a bit. I think they should put the new nose from the X and S on it. Every car company comes up with a "family" look and it just makes sense that they have a look for 2 of their cars, they should put it on the third car.

DTsea | 4 octobre 2016

One man's bleak is another man's sleek...

KP in NPT | 4 octobre 2016

The reveal was before the model S facelift. I would not be surprised if it ended up with the mustache. It looks like it's asking for it.

Red Sage ca us | 4 octobre 2016

It's just fine, Man. The leading edge appears to be lower than the top of the tire, possibly as low as the top of the wheel.

JHB10 | 5 octobre 2016

I don't care, just give me my model 3!

Chrisroo64 | 5 octobre 2016

The blank front end strikes me as more like an electric bumper car and not the hallmark for a line of vehicles for innovation. I would like to see a bit more of a defining leading edge. Maserati, Ferrari - along that caliber. Functionally it could be designed divert rain weather and insect insult to wind shield.

topher | 5 octobre 2016

Whatever it takes to lower the drag coefficient as low as possible.

Thank you kindly.

erik | 6 octobre 2016

It 'll probably look better with a licence plate.

sketchytrail | 6 octobre 2016

I'm with jordanrichard on this one - Tesla needs a 'Family Look' - love the current model S front :)
Aerodynamics obviously affect range, but how much depends on the test cycle - US tests are different to Europe etc., and I assume that wheel size/tyres and mirrors 'probably' have a far greater affect than the front grill....

bobinseattle | 8 octobre 2016

Hi Guys,

If the car comes out with a "plane, blank front"..................I have no doubt, that there will companies out there, that will offer after market "things" that you can buy to dress it up. It's just the way that the auto world seems to work.

Bob in Seattle

tigardspaz | 8 octobre 2016

Forget family look. Even at base, this car will be Porsche 911 fast. I'd like it to look a little more like a sports car and a little less like a Mazda 3.

Kimbaird13 | 9 octobre 2016

I love it. Don't change anything from the pics.

Kimbaird13 | 9 octobre 2016

Compared to all the other electric cars styles out there competition! None!

Mjenkinsatgbi | 11 octobre 2016

It has grown on me, especially the front end

tigardspaz | 11 octobre 2016

I'd like it if it was rounded a little, like a Porsche, but it's fine.

markeink | 12 octobre 2016

I wish for the original design. It's boring and indistinct when the front of different models look the same like with BMW

Frank99 | 12 octobre 2016

kimbaird13 sed:
"Compared to all the other electric cars styles out there competition! None!"

You, sir, are unquestionably correct. But, still,...

To me, the only off note in the design as we've seen it so far is the snout. It's out of place with the rest of the car. That said, the new Model S nose looks...diffferent...but good in person; perhaps with the moustache, the 3 will look just as good. Otherwise, I'm going with vinyl Bugs Bunny teeth and drawing some whiskers on it....

Red Sage ca us | 12 octobre 2016

By the way... Doesn't the word 'facade' pretty much literally mean 'fake face' or 'false front'...? I'd rather the frontal face of Model ☰ be as 'real', and therefore honest, as possible.

danielebernd | 13 octobre 2016

I Love the Design, i Hope nothing will be changed. Even the interior is simply and plain and gorgeous...

Ehninger1212 | 13 octobre 2016

Less is more

Bluesday Afternoon | 13 octobre 2016

I reserved prior to the reveal. Confident Tesla's design team would impress. They did! In direct competition with their declared target group (BMW 3, Audi 4) the Model 3 looks not only sleeker but faster. The photos shown above by Red Sage really emphasize the aerodynamics. California wants us to have a front plate but I'll refrain just like my Model S.

michelrusso57 | 15 octobre 2016

Am fine with it, sporty and elegant... Agree with the 'less is more' comment here!! Also can't wait to admire it on my driveway... then take off with it!!!

Tiebreaker | 15 octobre 2016

The blank front is a distinctive Model 3 visual feature.