Ultra White Seats -- Wear over time?

Ultra White Seats -- Wear over time?

Just one day left to make changes to our order for Deep Blue Metallic Model X. Originally chose black leather interior, but am wavering about switching to the ultra white.

Any opinions? Especially interested to hear from people with ultra white seats: how are they wearing? Any problems with staining or discoloration?

wang5150 | 4 octobre 2016

I have the ultra white seats (not ventilated ones, just solid). I had coffee and blood that dried on the seats (don't ask) for several hours before noticing and one wet wipe cleaned it all up. Love the white seats!

nmp2017 | 4 octobre 2016

We have the ultra white ventilated seats. They look just as good as they did when we picked up car 4 months ago. Plus, I think the white interior make the cabin feel much larger and inviting than the other colors. I had the chance to drive a Model X loaner with the beige interior and I was surprised how different the car felt.

Redmiata98 | 4 octobre 2016

Have the white and after 10 months it looks as good as the day I picked it up. Seats are much more comfortable than leather and not as hot temperature wise as the black. If you are in the South, white is the way to go. Mine are ventilated and clean up easily with no color change.

Leosoley78 | 5 octobre 2016

That's great news. I plan to order the white seat package u hear nothing but great things.

rdfbsmith | 5 octobre 2016

I also have the white seats love them.

LimawanS85 | 5 octobre 2016

Chose the white seat. Love it!

raging.dragonfly | 5 octobre 2016

Love the white seats! But...If you have ventilated seats, you might want to be extra careful of things in your rear pockets, or decorations on your pockets/clothing. We're not sure when or exactly how, but at some point, one of us got into the driver's seat & ripped a small tear in the seat back. It looks like it may have occurred while sliding into the seat with something in a pocket that snagged at the tiny holes in the upholstery - there's a small rip across several of the pinholes.

carlk | 5 octobre 2016

6+ months and no issues with my perforated ultra white. Once I had dirty grease on the back of my jacket from garage door mechanism that got transferred to the seat. Cleaned right away with some soap and water.

makobill | 5 octobre 2016

Noted for my purchase - white interior is SOOOO nice...

OP - go with white. Every car out there has black as a standard and man is it hot in the summer!

Redmiata98 | 5 octobre 2016

Raging, you might want to do a little research over at the Tesla Motors Club web site. I recall reading there that some one had gotten theirs repaired free of charge and that they installed some sort of reinforcement to preclude ripping again. It only applied to "earlier" Xs, however that is defined. It was based on a twx from Elon.

ken | 5 octobre 2016

i have white seat, 21k miles, 5 months, spill coffee few times, it clean up perfectly, turns out the white seat is the best choice for MX.

madodel | 5 octobre 2016

Eight months and 11,500 miles and no damage to my ultra white seats. I don't have little kids and when I have had my X at several events where literally hundreds of people have sat in my seats over all the events and no damage and any stains have wiped up with a wet cloth. But I never allow anyone with food or beverages in the car either. I have stupidly gotten ink on the seats twice and that cleaned up with a Mr Clean Magic Eraser.

Pryoritiesinc | 5 octobre 2016

The white are SO smart looking. If no twins I would have dove head first into the ultra white

Madatgascar | 6 octobre 2016

Nobody has had them long enough to really know how well they will hold up over the long haul, but all indications are very good. They clean up easily and get so many "wow!" comments. I would say if you don't have kids below 12 years old, go for it. Literally we get more comments on our white seats than the big windshield or FWD. Everyone loves it.

Spprcv | 6 octobre 2016

I have 4 kids ages 5-11 and have ultra white perforated seats. Love them and the kids do a pretty good job not getting them too dirty. They do clean well. I don't allow food or drinks in the X.

raging.dragonfly | 6 octobre 2016

RedMiata, thx! Heading to Svc tomorrow for other reason, will check with them re this. Much appreciated :-)