Ultra white seats with seat ventilation?

Ultra white seats with seat ventilation?


I have a question about the Model X:
Does the Tesla Model X with ultra white seats have a seat ventilation?
(with premium package)

Thank you for your help!

CU, Reto

wang5150 | 13 octobre 2016

I don't have the premium package so my ultra white seats are not ventilated. I have 2 dogs and didn't want hair getting into the ventilated holes on the seats. I have seen other folks say that ventilated seats come with the premium package.

papaeus | 13 octobre 2016

Yes, we have Ultrawhite ventilated seats, via the PUP option.

rockyouever | 13 octobre 2016

Yes. Ultra white set and PUP.

tesla | 13 octobre 2016

Thank you!

Big T | 14 octobre 2016

wang5150, is your forum name a reference to Van Halen or is it a reference to an involuntary psychiatric hold?

evlnte | 16 octobre 2016

Yes, I have them. Super modern and no stains yet. Fingers crossed!