Use Oxygen to convert to energy to power up any car?

Use Oxygen to convert to energy to power up any car?

It has been a while since I came up with this crazy idea to utilize actual particles of Oxygen and convert them to energy. I think it is time I share this concept that will apply not only to vehicles but any battery dependable device or product.

I called it O2E Enterprises, it uses nanotechnology to extract the nano particles of the oxygen. I have no proof of concept, but have the majority of the idea figured out and need someone to actually test it and pay for the lab fees.

What do you guys think? The end of batteries as we know them? Are we ready for something like this?

carlk | 2 novembre 2016

That's really a fascinating idea. It could worth billions and save the planet if it proves working.

How much I can invest in this? Please post your Nigerian bank account number for me to send money there.

leskchan | 2 novembre 2016

This violates Physics Law 1, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be transformed.

Others have attempted similar concept but failed. O2 is not energy. You still need an energy source to do the conversion.

kevin | 2 novembre 2016

We just need some new physics laws to make this work.

Dramsey | 2 novembre 2016

What do you guys think?

We think you're a fool who knows nothing of chemistry or physics.

SCCRENDO | 2 novembre 2016

If you has a base understanding you would realize it is a great thought but only possible if you change the laws of physics first. When you work out how you will achieve your goal get back to us. Prefer if you use CO2 or other waste product to achieve your goal. Why waste good Oxygen.

iaeen | 3 novembre 2016

Sorry, they already invented that. It's called a turboencabulator.

GE tried to bring it to market in 1962, but the National Academy of Science successfully lobbied the government to have the device banned in 1963. They claimed that this technology was just too incredible to be distributed to the public without any governmental oversight.

SCCRENDO | 3 novembre 2016

@iaeen. Are you serious or just trying to lighten up the day

Rocky_H | 3 novembre 2016

" it uses nanotechnology to extract the nano particles of the oxygen"

Oh man, that's a good one.

dsvick | 4 novembre 2016

What are you extracting these nanoparticles from and what are you doing with them afterwards? Your idea, as stated, produces as much energy as me saying I'm going to pull all the green m&ms out of the bag.

SCCRENDO | 4 novembre 2016

@dsvick. He has not looked at any physics yet. This is just a pre thought similar to the ideas going through Trump's head

Linemanap | 4 novembre 2016

So nice to be on a forum where people understand basic science