Quiet factor with walkers?

Quiet factor with walkers?

A car enthusiast person I've known for years told me on neighborhood streets he had a problem with walkers because a Caddy hybrid loaner he drove was silent. Numerous times walkers walked in front of him and almost got run over.

I think he made up this story to discredit my Tesla. (Said he hated the Caddy - missed the sound of an ICE.)

Never had a problem with walkers on neighborhood streets, as tires make ample noise.

steveg1701 | 5 novembre 2016

problem is that the walkers are all intent on their phones and not looking where they were going!

carlk | 5 novembre 2016

I also agree pedestrians should use their eyes not ears to watch for traffic.

Mathew98 | 5 novembre 2016

Doesn't your radio go to volume 11?

Tropopause | 5 novembre 2016

Autonomous cars will solve everything. Then we can all be oblivious.

ran349 | 5 novembre 2016

It can be a problem. Yesterday I was walking in my neighborhood and a Leaf went by me from behind very close on a narrow street. I didn't know it was there and it was a little scary.

Mathew98 | 5 novembre 2016

What business did you have going slower than a Leaf?

Tropopause | 5 novembre 2016

I think it's a perceived problem. If we all stay where we belong, there's law and order. Cars stay on the roads, people on the sidewalks. The cars can be quiet or noisy and stay safely on the road. Occasionally cars lose control and have accidents, regardless of their noise level.

Somebody posted pending legislation for adding noise-makers to electric cars. Hopefully not.

revrev4ruach | 5 novembre 2016

You need a subscription to read the Houston Chronicle article below, but pedestrians and cars are a growing problem for all BEV and ICE cars everywhere. Pedestrian deaths have actually gone up in Houston, while all other traffic deaths have gone down. Better urban planning and better care on the part of individual drivers and pedestrians are the three keys. And yes, Tesla owners have to recognize current reality: we have a greater duty to be even more careful in urban and residential areas because our cars are quieter and pedestrians are on their devices too much. This transition period to BEV's requires greater diligence and discipline on the part of all early adopters.

Silver2K | 5 novembre 2016

I had this problem the first week I owned my VOLT 3 years ago. a kid on a bicycle made a uturn in front of me and didn't realize I was there. I drove on someone's lawn to avoid him.

I've never had a issue with my MS though. Every one hear me coming because the car is heavy and tires make noise gripping the road.

Silver2K | 5 novembre 2016


Haggy | 5 novembre 2016

In my neighborhood, I slow down to under 15 mph when passing pedestrians who are facing away from the car, and maximize my distance from them. The slower I go, the less road noise, so I suppose driving recklessly is an alternative, but not for me.

The problem I have is that the Tesla doesn't have an "excuse me I'm coming through" horn but has a "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY" horn. There's no way to give a subtle honk. I need something that comes across more like a bicycle bell.

rxlawdude | 5 novembre 2016

I have a big problem with walkers, every Sunday at 10pm on AMC.

Pedestrians? Not so much. :-)

pete | 5 novembre 2016

I agree Haggy, we really need two horns.
In other countries they drive with one hand on the horn, they use it like a tool. I noticed this in Nicaragua mainly.

Wilber | 5 novembre 2016


I agree on both counts. In neighborhoods with kids and/or old folks and/or dogwalkers i go slow. In my neighborhood the speed limit is 25 but i almost always drive 15 or so and give a wide birth to kids..
I suspect the Caddy driver in the OP is one of those that drive as tho a 25mph limit is a minimum, rather than a maximum!

And yes, it would be great to have some kind of secondary milder horn. maybe even one where you could program the noise made? an excerpt from your favorite tune or movie?

DJung | 5 novembre 2016

I had a few instances where there was a person walking in the parking lot in the middle of the aisle so that I couldn't pass them. They were on their phone and were oblivious that I was creeping behind them. I didn't want to honk at them since it's really loud. I wish we had a smaller pedestrian horn for this. I've also had people walking on one side of the parking aisle suddenly cross to the other side without looking for oncoming traffic as well. They were also on their phone as well. I just drive slowly in lots and assume that they don't know I'm there.

And since I don't have premium audio, I don't have thumping bass either.

Pleasanton_Ca | 5 novembre 2016

2 horns, I don't think so. Let it rip...

Millionmilesorbust | 5 novembre 2016

It's the persons fault if they are so oblivious to their surroundings that they are walking in the middle of the street/parking lot aisle. I see nothing wrong with a small tap of the horn.

kevin | 5 novembre 2016

I've had a problem with my Model S, and my previous Prius hybrid with pedestrians walking down the middle of the neighborhood street with their back to me, clueless that I'm there. I have to be very careful.

akikiki | 5 novembre 2016

On the other hand, if the problem of people getting run over was only EV's then there would be no one run over by a city bus. We have more than our share of people run down by a bus and the bus was doing less than 10 mph. People hit by a bus are listening to music or texting is a common problem here.

Silver2K | 5 novembre 2016

The chevy volt has a chirp horn as a secondary which was nice.

tes-s | 5 novembre 2016

Has anyone seen a report of a pedestrian being hit by an EV attributed to not hearing it coming.

jordanrichard | 6 novembre 2016

So instead of holding people accountable for neglecting the most basic rule our mothers taught us, "look before you cross the street", we have to enable/encourage ignorance by turning our cars into noise makers.

What is the fix for pedestrians being hit by ICE cars? What's the excuse there?

barrykmd | 6 novembre 2016

rxlawdude | November 5, 2016
I have a big problem with walkers, every Sunday at 10pm on AMC.

I'm surprised it took this long for a Walking Dead reference. That was the first thing I thought when I saw the title. :-)

High Plains Drifter | 6 novembre 2016

Noise or not. Pedestrians have right of way. The onus is on the driver.

lilbean | 6 novembre 2016

Regardless of right of way, car always beats pedestrian so pedestrians need to be extra careful, especially with all the distracted driving. Peace.

miyamky | 6 novembre 2016

Amen bean

rxlawdude | 6 novembre 2016

@barry, me too. I tried to tie it into a Tesla theme, but Walking Dead and Tesla don't go together in the same sentence. If it were Fiskar or the Mirai we're talking about, that's a different matter entirely. ;-)

Silver2K | 6 novembre 2016

officer: sir, why were you laying on the ground unconscious?

pedestrian: All I know officer, something that made no sound hit me and knocked me unconscious.

That's a feature!

TPilot | 6 novembre 2016

Silver how old were you when you lit up your first joint?

Silver2K | 6 novembre 2016

16 and did not inhale :)

TPilot | 6 novembre 2016

I think I was 13. Also did not inhale.

Silver2K | 6 novembre 2016

I asked my brother what he got from smoking this stuff and ask why. I told him I just smoked the whole joint and it did nothing to me. :)

I've never done drugs since that day, but smoked for 15 years until I stopped on my birthday

Silver2K | 6 novembre 2016

"he asked why..."

rxlawdude | 6 novembre 2016

"I've never done drugs since that day, but smoked..."
Then you did drugs. Nicotine is a drug.

TPilot | 6 novembre 2016

So a bunch of stares may legalize on Tuesday. I guess I don't think it's such bad thing. I'd be interested to hear what y'all folks from CA think ( though it's practically been legal there for a while).

Silver2K | 6 novembre 2016

uh.. I meant illegal drugs :)

TPilot | 6 novembre 2016

oh wow stares>states

Mathew98 | 6 novembre 2016

@TPilot - Someone had smoked one too many joints...

rxlawdude | 6 novembre 2016

I was the healthcare voice at a recent public forum on Prop 64. The arguments of the "no" side come down to all of the brain damage it causes (they fail to qualify that generality), kids will eat edibles, the industry will advertise on TV, and so forth.

Objectively, from the healthcare standpoint:
It is unequivocal that use of cannabis during teenage years does cause structurally identifiable changes to the brain. Kids and teens must not use cannabis, period. (Reasonable exception: CBD for neurological conditions such as intractable seizures, neurogenic pain, etc.)

Studies of chronic use in adults have not yet found any consistent incidence of brain damage, permanent memory loss, lung cancer or testicular cancer.

There is no fatal overdose of cannabis. Only four cases of THC-related deaths have been reported, and those for Marinol, a pharmaceutical synthetic THC.

On the other hand, employers test for drugs by using screening methods that detect cannabis use from days, weeks, or (rarely) months prior. These tests do not indicate intoxication. Virtually all the other drugs of abuse on the NHTSA screen show positive only with use measured in hours (never more than 3-4 days). So there's a real discriminatory effect with respect to drug screening. Similarly, officers stopping someone for suspected DUI also are challenged with determining intoxication versus drug levels in urine or blood.

In Colorado and Washington, DUIs involving cannabis have increased since legalization. In both states, fatal DUIs ASSOCIATED with positive THC tests have doubled. However, these statistics don't consider other intoxicants that may have additive, and perhaps more causative, effects.

Over all, cannabis is less toxic than nicotine or alcohol. The question is, do we need another legal intoxicant?

TPilot | 6 novembre 2016

and your answer is........

Silver2K | 6 novembre 2016

invest in pot stock!

TPilot | 6 novembre 2016

Haha I was actually considering that.

Silver2K | 6 novembre 2016

I made a decent amount on mjna once. I bought a ton load at 7 or 8 cents and sold at 35 cents. it's down to 13 cents now :)

Silver2K | 6 novembre 2016


TPilot | 6 novembre 2016

Wow that's a big hit. Gonna look at this tomorrow

rxlawdude | 6 novembre 2016

@Silver, that's cheap weed.

rxlawdude | 6 novembre 2016

@Tpilot, +1 for the pun.

rxlawdude | 6 novembre 2016

@Silver, so when cannabis is legal, does it not count as a "drug?" Will we have to worry about finding a cattywumpus P85+ at the side of the road containing a driver with a Tesla (and exogenous substance) induced silly Grin? :-)

StarKiller | 7 novembre 2016

Dohh, I only clicked here thinking this was a TWD thread.

mdmgso | 7 novembre 2016

I am thinking of installing an A HOOOOOO GAAAAA horn for those pedestrians with their eyes and ears devoted to their phone. They are cheap and easy to install. I have one on my golf cart, and it is awesome, particularly in my opponents back swing.

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